Star Wars: Uprising Tips and Tricks for Success

Star Wars: Uprising tips and tricks, strategy guides and some advanced notions explained.

We just reviewed Star Wars: Uprising, and now we feel the need to complement that review with a breakdown of what we have learned by playing it. It is worth mentioning we included the basic breakdown of the game’s structure in the review, so if you are having trouble finding your whereabouts – read it.

There are some things I wish I knew when I first started playing, so I will combine those with a few tips and answers to frequently asked questions here. Read on.

#1 Don’t waste your Chromium and time on additional characters

I touched that part in my review, and the more I advance the more I realize the time and chromium I spent on an additional character was wasted. The game offers you four races and the system of open classes, which means that no matter what race and gender you choose, you end up with the same basic set of skills. You then buy and upgrade your character with a variety of skills you learn from Trainers, so how your character evolves depends on your choices while you play, and not on the race and gender of the character you choose as you start.

Moreover, the best part of the game is leveling up and unlocking more opportunities, missions, joining a cartel, doing the multiplayer and such. All of these best features require a high player level, so from this perspective, keeping that Chromium for the sake of unlocking a new character and doing all the leveling up from zero does not seem to be worth the trouble.

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#2. Upgrading your materials – is it worth it?

The game basically forces you to first level up and then upgrade everything. Literally, everything. Found a pair of gloves? Upgrade it because you will need it to unlock a Blueprint (more on that below). Got some Desh (the stones, there are many types of them) – level it up because it gives more boost when you use it when leveling up Gear. Got your crew members? Level them up and upgrade.

While upgrading crew members and gear is vital in Uprising, leveling up Desh seems to be a questionable enterprise. This thread in the Kabam forums has a detailed breakdown of the cost of Desh upgrades, the XP it gains and the cost of upgrades of gear when used with lower and higher level of Desh. I will not bore you with the math – if you have the time, go ahead and read it, or do your own numbers. The bottom line, however, is Desh is not worth upgrading. Why? Because when you count your Credits you will see. Upgrading Desh costs Credits; upgrading Gear with upgraded Desh costs more Credits than with the lower level Desh, so in the end the amount of Credits and time spent on mingling with the stones is abysmal. That is my observation, at least.

#3. Don’t sell your Gear or Crew Members

At some point, you might get two identical crew members, and one would be 1 star and the other 3 star. So, you might think the one-star crew member might do you well if you sell it. First of all, mind the Rarity before proceeding. If the crew member is rare, it would serve you better if you keep it and upgrade it eventually. After all, they grind for loot and sometimes Chromium, bring you new crew members and additional loot. Selling even a rare crew member converts to a very small amount of Credits. For example, a one-star rare character costs some 400 Credits when sold. Go see how well you can level up any gear of yours with that amount. In other words, selling just does not work that well in this game.

In terms of gear, don’t sell it because it is better used when salvaged. Salvaging gear you don’t use gives you decent amounts of ingredients you need to level up and upgrade the gear you use. Selling it will give you some meager 400-500 Credits you won’t even notice how you spent them.

#4. Salvaging versus leveling up, or Blueprints Explained

You unlock the salvage and sell feature once you are level 8-10.

Now, this one is a confusing part, especially for beginners. One of the most annoying mistakes I’ve made as I started out was salvaging every single piece of gear I was not wearing for the sake of Desh to level up and eventually upgrade my Gear. Not too wise.

First of all, when you are inexperienced you might not notice the level cap for an ammo you are salvaging. You can see the max-max level for the gear when you tap on it and tap “more” icon in the middle left side. It will show you what you need for the max capacity to be reached. As a result, you might be wearing the gloves level 2, and find the ones from a different set but level 1 and salvage them. But in fact, the level 1 gloves might have had a higher max level (say 3); you just needed to level them up and upgrade.

Another reason against salvaging too soon is the said Blueprints. You need Blueprints to upgrade your Crew Members. When you send them on Missions, they level up. But you will eventually Max out on each of them, so the upgrade becomes available, provided you have all the ingredients for the recipe. The latter usually requires some stones and always a Blueprint.


How to see which Blueprint a crew member needs to upgrade?

When you tap on a crew member, and tap Upgrade, you will see the recipe. The Blueprint is in the top – long-tap it to see which Blueprint you need for this member. Now, you know what you need – I don’t know if it is going to make your gameplay any easier. I sure had a moment of frustration seeing how much stuff from those Blueprints I salvaged without upgrading.

One final word on Blueprints. Now that you know you need to upgrade gear to unlock Blueprints, and you need the latter to upgrade the crew, you will think twice before salvaging the gear you are not using. However, once you level up, max out and upgrade a piece of gear, you unlock a Blueprint for it, and that is when you are free to salvage it without losing the Blueprints.

In other words, upgrade the Gear to earn Blueprints, and then salvage the gear you are not using. Phew, Uprising suddenly feels like more work than play.

#5. Send Crew Members on Missions continuously. Do not neglect Missions with low probability of success

Your crew members should be out on missions at all times. They bring some additional loot, XP, reputation and more crew members. Even if you do not have time to play today, log in to send them on missions – will take you 2 minutes. The next time you log in you will harvest the loot they bring and see them level up.

Now, each mission in the Crew Runs shows you the chance of success rate when you choose a crew member for it. Normally, you would choose the one that has 100% success rate, right? However, when that rate is lower, your crew member gets significantly more XP for winning, and even more XP for losing. This is some kind of paradox. Maybe Kabam will patch it when they notice, but it’s something worth trying.

I have read that crew members die when you send them on missions they don’t stand a chance of winning if it’s a Red Skull mission. I haven’t experimented that far, and none of my crew members ever died yet, but they did get a lot more XP for failing a mission than they normally do for winning one. Try it.

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#6. Story Missions disappear once you play them

This is an upsetting fact, because I bet you thought you could grind story missions and ascend from the easy to medium and eventually to hard difficulty mode once you level up. I thought so, too. I was wrong. Once you are done with a story mission, it’s gone. You can’t go back to it once you are stronger and replay it with a harder difficulty for better loot. Likewise, you can’t just pick the hardest mode when the medium mode is rated as risky with your stats. So, use dailies, assault and whatever opportunities you see to grind. Don’t forget to log in for rewards. I have heard that Mondays are special because the Monday logins bring more Chromium. It’s worth checking out.

#7. How Do You Get Lightsabers?

You don’t.

#8. Factions Explained. Can You Switch Factions?

Factions come along as you progress in the story missions, and you don’t choose them or change them. You just work with them, gain reputation with them and get opportunity missions with them, as well as special crew runs.

#9. Cartel Opportunities. Leaving A Cartel

Unfortunately, today’s patch killed the cartel opportunities for cartels level lower than 20. Consequently, your cartel needs to level up till lvl 20 to unlock those opportunities as of now. If you are unhappy with your current cartel, you can leave it. Go to Cartel (the fist icon in the crew section), see the list of members, find yourself and tap on your name. You will see the option to leave the cartel. Finding a new one is easy. You can choose one from the list, or simply use the global chat to let the world know you are looking for an active cartel.

#10. How to play Co-Op Missions

First of all, these missions do not have co-op: daily, story, and opportunity. You can play co-op in assault missions and cartel opportunities. To invite a friend to a mission, open the mission screen and find the user icon at the bottom-left corner. It will have two users and a plus sign, if the co-op is available. Tap the plus and see who you can invite. Only those players who are currently online will show on the list. Tap “invite” and wait for the party to agree and join you. They may agree, but may also take time to join, so don’t rush. Playing co-op will help you beat the harder difficulty modes and earn more loot and XP.

#11. What is the current level cap?

40, so far.

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#12. Abilities/Trainers explained

As you progress, you unlock more factions to work with. It is the factions that bring you Trainers, from whom you can learn new skills. These skills cost Credits, of course, and oh-my they also come in tiers. Uprising must be the most tier-loaded game on mobile till now.

Not all trainers have all set of abilities, but it’s important you fill in on all of your ability set as soon as you can. Here is the basic breakdown of abilities:

  • Targeted – double-tap on a location to activate this ability (like a grenade, or dash)
  • Directional – like the hold out laser. Tap on your hero and drag in the opposite direction from which you aim.
  • Self – Double-tap on yourself.
  • Ultimate – tap on the icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. Has the longest refill, and does not just fill in with time, but with the amount of baddies you kill. It’s mostly crowd control, scares or slows down your enemy for a limited time.
  • Passive – thankfully, the passive abilities do not need to be activated. They are just adding some bonus to the recharge or final XP.

I utterly dislike how you can take only one ability in each category to battle, but alas. Hold Out blaster, Snipe and Scatter are three that present the most interest in terms of Directional abilities. For example, Scatter kills the greatest number of the enemies if they are in its range.

Snipe, on the contrary, has a very limited kill potential because it needs the target to be “in line” with the weapon. But at the same time, Snipe has the longest range. I found it to be the least convenient to use.

Hold Out seems to be the best of both worlds, having the long range that is similar to Snipe, and killing a lot of baddies almost as with Scatter.

When the battle gets messy, Hold Out seems to be the most consistent damage dealer in both short and long range situations.

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#14. Move when surrounded

Another word of advice when using Hold Out is to run around as much as you can to get as many troopers in the cone range of your blaster. Don’t just stand there while they surround you and make you waste your directional ability on one or two of them. I often find that cornering myself gives me a better shot than taking cover behind a rock.

When you get targeted by the enemy targeted ability, like a grenade, move away. This must be self-evident, but you need to act fast to jump or dash in time.

#13. Controls when activating the abilities

This is another part that can be tricky. Sometimes, the abilities just won’t activate, even if you see they are fully recharged. For example, a targeted ability like throwing a grenade requires you to double-tap on the target, but it just doesn’t work as smoothly as it is supposed to. Hence, I just do multiple taps on a target until it works.

Someone suggested the problem occurs when you tap specifically ON the target. Whereas if you double-tap near the target, to the left, right or in front of it, the ability works just fine. It is worth trying.

Also, when collecting loot, i.e. shooting clusters of pots or crates, you can shoot them one by one with your laser, or use your abilities to blast them all in a single go. Pay attention to your Ultimate button in the bottom right corner. The point is it fills with every bad guy you kill, but it also gets a little bit filled when you shoot the laser at the loot pots. Whereas when you destroy them with a grenade or Hold Out, the Ultimate meter does not seem to fill in.

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#14. Drawing Supply Cranes

This might be pure luck, or not, but once I spent 120 Chromium on a premium crane. Bad idea. I drew one item of low value and salvaged it, while Chromium is hard to come by without paying real money. Use the regular requisition scrip cranes; 10 grabs are the most useful.

Final Words on Upgrading

The deeper you dig Uprising, the more you realize how Kabam switched timers-based IAPs to tier-based grinding that inconspicuously suggests IAPs. Everything in this game uses tier system, from crystals and Desh to Gear, Crew Members and your character, of course. Crystals and Desh can be upgraded up to 7 stars, while Gear upgrades 2 stars per item. For example, you get an item that is 1 star, which means it can be upgraded to 3 stars. If you get a 3-star item, it can be upgraded to 5 stars. When you estimate the amount of materials needed just to level your character’s gear, let alone all the gear your Crew Members need, suddenly the upgrades issue becomes a tad tedious. Consider how story missions earn you 1000-1500 credits, repeatable missions 300-400, and upgrades gobble that up instantly without even max-ing out on an item, upgrading does seem very expensive. It may not seem like an issue when you level up till 16 on your first day, and play knowing these little tips and tricks. However, I wish there was one single IAP that could let me spend more time actually playing the game rather than upgrading all the knots and bolts in it.

Share your experience and tricks in the comments below and boast off your achievements!

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Completing a repeatable mission for 400 credits, and upgrading “Damaged Hutt Guard” pants for 2000 credits – risking a life in Star Wars universe won’t make you rich.