Start learning a new language with Duolingo

If you’ve always wanted to learn a new language or maybe refresh one you learned back in school, Duolingo is an app that lets you do that – even if you’re not exactly the most hard-working person when it comes to learning new things.

Attending a class may take more time and energy than is left after the average ‘9 to 5’ job so using an app to learn a new language can be a realistic approach.

Duolingo can help you learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, or English and have fun while you’re at it! Each course is divided into chapters and you earn XP as you’re progressing. Everyone could do better when things get a bit competitive, and that’s what Duolingo is trying to do – reward you when you’re persistent and deliver results so don’t get bored and stay on track.


With a crisp interface and streamlined learning process, Duolingo is successfully helping its users to learn how to speak and write a new language. If you’re afraid you’ll lack consistency, fear not – the app works even if you’re an occasional user and practice just a few times a week.

Duolingo is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone although the experience may vary between platforms but one thing stays the same. The app is 100% free, meaning no in-app purchases or adds.

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