Stay hydrated every day with Remember to Drink for Windows Phone

    I’m not going to say water is a magic cure to any illness, but staying hydrated is essential for our bodies to function properly. If you tend to ignore your thirst a free app such as Remember to Drink can help you stay hydrated throughout the day without stressing too much about it.

    The app has a really nice interface and the first thing it requires you to do is to customize its settings. To begin with, you have to enter your weight, gender (besides man and woman there’s also pregnant and breastfeeding) as well as set the daily amount of fluids you get from food – something I personally find rather difficult to asses.

    Remember to Drink Personal Parameters

    To really know how much water you’re getting from food you’d have to always know the approximate water content of the foods you eat and keep track of the total amount as you’re eating them throughout the day. Nevertheless, a less-time consuming option is to simply approximate this (asking your doctor’s opinion on the matter is a good idea too).

    Remember to Drink Containers

    On the main screen you can quickly add a glass of water to your daily goal and the size of the glass can be easily changed. Moreover, there’s a built-in selection of standard containers and the water amount they can hold such as glasses, bottles, cups, cans…etc. Since total water intake also depends on your physical activities and weather, Remember to Drink lets you take these factors into account when it’s the case.

    Remember to Drink Today pane

    In the Today pane, you can see your daily progress and a record showing the time for each glass of water you drank today. There’s also the History view that displays a graph with your daily water intake for the selected period. An interesting view of how you manage to stay hydrated on long term, to say the least.

    Remember to Drink History

    Because Remember to Drink is in fact a reminder app, it heavily relies on Notifications, which is why it lets you choose when you want to be notified but also lets you use Quiet Hours for the times you don’t want your phone to nag you into downing one more glass of water. During my testing the app worked fine, except it failed to load the current information one time and I was unable to change the app’s settings until I restarted it.

    Overall, Remember to Drink can make it extremely easy to reach the daily, recommended water intake since basically all you have left to do is have some H2O on hand and the app will take care of the remembering part.

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