Stop iTunes from opening when you connect your iPhone

Not everyone is a fan of iTunes. In fact, some people do their best to avoid it. If you’re annoyed that iTunes opens automatically every time you plug in your iPhone into your computer or laptop you’ll be happy to find out this behavior can be stopped.

It’s actually pretty easy to stop iTunes from opening when you connect your iPhone and you can do the same for the Mac OS Photos app.

How to stop iTunes from opening when you connect your iPhone

The method is a bit different between Windows and Mac OS, so we’re going to show you both.

Stop iTunes from automatically launching on Mac OS

stop iTunes from opening on Mac OS

On your Mac, open iTunes and navigate to Preferences -> Devices. There, check th option called “Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically”.

If the Photos app also launches automatically when you connect your iPhone you can easily stop it as well. The next time when Photos opens after you connect your phone, go to View -> Show Sidebar to make it visible. Then, select your device and uncheck the option called “Open Photos for this device”. That’s it!

Stop iTunes from automatically opening on Windows

iTunesHelper is a small app that automatically installs on Windows alongside the regular iTunes. This tiny app runs in the background, and opens iTunes when you connect an iOS device.

To stop iTunes from opening when you connect your iPhone to a Windows system, all you need to do is disable iTunesHelper. For this, open the Task Manager and select the Startup tab.

Locate iTunesHelper on the list, right-click it and select Disable from the context menu. Reboot your system and from then on, you can connect your iPhone to your computer without iTunes opening automatically.

If at some point you want iTunes to revert to its default behavior, return to the Task Manager Startup tab, right-click on iTunesHelper and select Enable.

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