Stop websites from tracking you on iPhone with Firefox Focus

iOS comes with an option called “Limit Ad Tracking” which is not completely useless but it’s not enough to stop websites from tracking you on iPhone.

Starting with iOS 10, the “Limit Ad Tracking” option sets the advertising identifier number of your device to zero, which doesn’t actually stop ad tracking but anonymizes instead. So when you search for stuff online, your browsing behavior will still be collected via advertisement tracking cookies and identifiers.

These cookies can then be used by other websites to display relevant ads – just in case you were wondering how “the Internet” knows what you like/want. But worry not – there’s a better way to stop websites from tracking you on iPhone.

Firefox Focus for iOS just received an update that stops ad tracking on your device. The app can be used as a standalone browser or as a content blocker for Safari, which is great since many users are not ready to give up Safari, even for enhanced privacy.

How to stop websites from tracking you on iPhone with Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus prevents tracking cookies from being created, so it truly stops ad tracking, it doesn’t just anonymize it like the “Limit Ad Tracking” option available in iOS.

Furthermore, the app also stops social and analytics trackers and these features work together with the Limit Ad Tracking option for a superior level of browsing privacy.

Regardless if you plan on using Firefox Focus as your preferred browser or just as a content blocker for Safari, the first thing you need to do is install the app. You can get it by visiting the link below or by searching its name in the app store.

Download Firefox Focus (iTunes)

Open the app after it finishes installing since you’ll need to tweak some of its settings. On the main screen, tap on the gear icon in the upper-right corner.

On the next screen, you can toggle off any of the anti-tracking features Firefox Focus provides. However, it’s a good idea to keep the first three options from the Privacy section enabled.

There’s also an option called “Block other content trackers” but as you can see, it might cause some web pages and videos to fail to load, so it might not be worth the trouble.

If you enable the “Safari” option from the Integration section, Firefox Focus will work as a content blocker, applying these settings for Apple’s browser on your device.

There’s one more thing you need to do if you want to use Firefox Focus as a content blocker for Safari. Open the Settings app and select Safari, then tap on ‘Content Blockers’.

Firefox Focus will be listed there, so toggle the switch next to it.

This allows you to stop websites from tracking you on iPhone while using Safari.


You can also use Firefox Focus as a browser since it provides an undeniable advantage regarding security. Regardless what web page is currently open, you can tap the small “Erase” button in the upper-right corner and that will close the page and delete cookies, cache, and history.

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