How To: Stop work email notifications on Android during free time

The Gmail app supports multiple email accounts and for good reason. Besides the fact that some might have multiple personal accounts, most people also have a work email address. And seeing all new incoming emails can be done in Gmail’s “All Inboxes” section. Easy enough.

Until you want to spend your free time actually being free. Which is difficult to do when you constantly have new email messages on your work account. Luckily, if you need to completely disconnect from everything work related, you can stop work email notifications on Android during free time.

Android lets you disable notifications completely, but this will also affect your personal email account(s). However, there’s an app called Quiet for Gmail that allows you to stop work email notifications on Android during free time while still receiving alerts for your personal messages.

How to stop work email notifications on Android during free time

To begin with, head over to the Google Play Store page below to download and install Quiet Time on your Android device.

Download Quiet Time for Android (Google Play Store)

If your device is running Android Marshmallow or higher you will need to grant Quiet Time permission to access your contact list which is needed to view and manage your email accounts.

Once you grant the requested permission you can view the main menu.

If your work email account wasn’t selected by default you can open the side navigation menu and select it from there.

Then, you can tap the “Add Rule” option and in the following menu, you will be able to add your work schedule.

Simply ensure your work days are highlighted in blue and set the “From” and “To” fields according to your daily work schedule.

And if you have more than one work schedule, or you work different hours on different days you can tap the “Add rule” option again to add it as well.

Now that you finished configuring Quiet for Gmail, the app will send you a notification before your work hours end, to let you know your work email account will soon be silenced for the specified amount of time. During that time you will only receive notifications from your personal email account(s).

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