STOPzilla: Eliminate security threats

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STOPzilla is a complete antivirus and anti-malware utility that will help you protect your computer from any malicious threats that seek to take advantage of your computer’s security vulnerabilities as well as let you get rid of adware and tracking cookies.

Installation & Requirements

The setup is very fast and simple, giving you few options like choosing your destination folder and creating shortcuts. When the installation is done the application will automatically start. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


When the application first starts, it will automatically update itself to the latest virus definition database so be sure to have an active internet connection when you run it. Furthermore, it will also automatically perform a quick scan after the update is done but you can stop that at any point and continue later on. Of course, it is recommended to perform a first-time scan as soon as possible, especially if you suspect that your computer is infected.

In regards to the scanning, the application offers multiple paths you can take. You can perform a quick scan which will scan the most active areas of your computer, an intelligent one that will scan the most commonly infected areas and a custom one where you will set all of the scanning areas. Some types of threats like cookies cannot be removed in the trial version of the application so you will have to purchase a license if you want the more advanced options.

When other threats are detected by the application, like adware and Trojan malware, they will be automatically moved to the Quarantine. You can view the items that are currently in Quarantine by clicking on the relevant tab. From there you can either purge them, which will completely remove them from your computer or allow them in again if you think they do not possess a threat to your PC.

If you want to control the real-time protection aspects and what happens during the scanning modes, then you will have to go to the Settings menu. You can set specific areas that you want to be protected in real time, set the actions the application takes while scanning your computer as well as schedule scans for specific dates. A final thing to note is that the application sends out anonymous statistics to the developers by default. In order to access some of the application’s features like the System Diagnostics tool you will have to keep the option enabled. However, you can easily disable it by unchecking its box in the Support menu.


-Fast installation
-Minimum system resources required
-Clean interface
-Extremely easy to use


-Some features are locked in the demo version


STOPzilla is definitely a really good antivirus utility that constantly updates itself to provide maximum security. The full version of the application offers a lot of protection both in real time and in scanning so give the trial version a try to see if it suits you.