Sub4Del: Remove all empty subfolders with one click

Empty subfolders are bound to appear at some point for various reasons. When there’s only one, getting rid of it is extremely simple, but when you find lots of nested subfolders, some empty and some not, the job becomes more complicated.

Sub4Del is a tiny, free application that adds an option for deleting all empty subfolders of any selected folder to the Windows Explorer context menu.

Installation & Requirements

The otherwise standard installation does include adware. Sub4Del’s setup offers a toolbar and a new default search engine and homepage unless you opt for the Advanced installation mode, where you can skip these options.

The program runs on all version of Windows XP, 2003, Vista, Server 2008 and 7, with no hadware requirements.


The beauty of Sub4Del lies in its simplicity since the program’s interface is its Settings window. This panel offers only a few options, namely adding the related option to Windows Explorer context menu, ask for user confirmation before delete and displaying a message after delete.

Using the program is even easier: simply right-clicking on any folder will reveal the Windows Explorer context menu with the Sub4Del “Remove Empty Sub Folders” entry available. The program will remove any empty subfolders at all levels, relieving you of the more time-consuming manual alternative.

The program doesn’t have a Help manual, but frankly it doesn’t need one. The single context menu entry it adds is simple enough to use without special instructions.


– Small, free application.
– Adds a context menu entry that lets you delete empty subfolders at all levels from the selected folder.
– Users can set confirmation prompt and notification after the deletion is complete.


– Adware-bundled installation.


While some users may feel disappointed by the lack of options, Sub4Del is a simple tool for a simple task. Anyone needing more should look for a comprehensive file management utility.