Subtitle Edit: Subtitle editing suite

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Subtitle Edit is a completely free and open source application that allows you to create, edit and view subtitles, in a software suite loaded with features.

Installation & Requirements

The program’s installation is simple, giving you the choice to create shortcuts but not much more. The program supports Windows XP and higher, Mac OS X and Linux distributions. Users might have to install additional, third party components like the VLC media player for added features.


If the program is anything, it is a testament to the power of open source programming when there is enough interest. Looking back at previous releases, you can see just how far everything has come. The interface is simply brilliant, giving an emphasis to making everything as clear as possible and making it work. You will not find fancy visuals here but that does not mean the interface is not elegant. The toolbar and its buttons are well designed, giving you access to all of the program’s utilities at once.

What is also brilliant is that the application caters to pretty much all users. There are few technical terms here but nothing that cannot be understood in a matter of minutes. Most of the application’s features are straightforward, allowing everyone to immediately jump in the subtitle creation and editing without wasting any time with tutorials and whatnot. That is not to say that those do not exist. Subtitle Edit has a very active fan base and it is one very popular editor so a quick Internet search will wield a lot of results.

Creating basic subtitles is very easy. The program’s features work in favor of those who want to go at it themselves. As I said before, the application’s interface puts an emphasis on functionality, making everything blend together rather nicely. Of course, advanced options and utilities exist for those that want them. It is just that if you just want to create fast, simple subtitles, you have the power to do so. The developers care for the users and want them to work in an environment that can actually produce great results, something that becomes apparent the more time you spend with it.

Everywhere you look you can understand that a lot of work has been put into this program. A lot of subtitle editors offer subpar multimedia players or none at all. This one can be integrated with popular programs like VLC, making the subtitle creation process a breeze. Creating and then viewing your subtitles in your favorite media players really is a good feeling and the application just pushes you to have it.


-Great interface
-As simple or complex as you want
-Tons of features
-Seamless integration between the various utilities
-Network sessions allow multiple people to work on a subtitle file




Subtitle Edit is a perfect example of what a subtitle editor should look and perform like. The perfect blend of elegance and functionality is the result of hard work, something that you can see around every corner and something that not a lot of programs can be proud of.