SUMo: Monitor your software updates

SUMo is a free application that automatically checks for updates on your software, informs you when something is out-dated and also gives you the ability to download the updates directly from the company.

Installation & Requirements

SUMo can be installed with multiple versions, including a portable one. Depending on your installer you might have to skip and uncheck some parts of the installation as it will try to force third party software on you. The supported operating systems are Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


When you start the application for the first time you will be taken to the Wizard and the first-scan window. It is highly recommended that you run at least one of them in order to immediately get the most out of the application. The wizard will give inexperienced users all the options they would need as the processes are mostly automated and the wizard offers quick links to every one of them.

The program’s main interface is quite simple. When you have scanned your computer for the installed software they will appear on the list with various details like the company behind them and their current version. From there you can either check and get updates for specific applications or check all of them out once. The updates are divided into minor and major and they are listed in SUMo accordingly. When you click on “Get Update” option you will be taken to a special KC Software page where you will be able to see information about your product. Then, when you click on download you will be taken to a custom Google search where you will have to find and download the updates yourself.

If there is an application that you do not want to update you can either ignore it for now or completely remove it from the list so that it does not appear again. Moreover, if the application fails to detect some of your installed software then you can simply drag and drop their executable files inside the application and check for updates. Right clicking on any piece of software will also give you various more options like running their executable files, seeing more products from the same company and more. Of course this is not available for all of the options as it depends upon their actual installation. Finally, if you install the third party DriverAgent you can use it to download driver updates from within the same application.


-Extremely simple to use
-Clean, user-friendly interface
-Multiple options for the applications
-A long list of supported programs


-You have to search for the downloads yourself


SUMo is a decent application that will save you a lot of time by automatically checking software updates for you. Although downloading each of them yourself might be a bit annoying, SUMo can still be a very useful tool, especially for the less tech savvy users.