Sunrise Calendar apps now integrate Wunderlist

Back in February, Microsoft purchased Sunrise Calendar apps and it looks like it’s money well spent. Redmond is working hard to improve their product and one of the latest new features is Wunderlist integration.

Wunderlist is one of the most popular productivity apps, and according to the official announcement made by Sunrise, they thought pairing the app with their own calendar makes a lot of sense. The new feature has been added to Android, iOS and desktop versions of the app. Users can easily connect their Wunderlist accounts to the Sunrise Calendar.

Simply use the ‘Add Account’ option in the calendar’s settings – choose Wunderlist from the list of supported apps, then fill in the email address and password of your Wunderlist account. The integration can be useful in so many ways.

Sunrise Calendar and Wunderlist integration

Firstly, all Wunderlist tasks for which you set a due date will appear in Sunrise Calendar on that specific day as All Day events. You can also create Wunderlist tasks in Sunrise, by adding a new even and setting a Wunderlist list as the calendar. Then, the event you just created in Sunrise will sync with Wunderlist.

Furthermore, users can easily change due dates for Wunderlist tasks inside the Sunrise app, by dragging and dropping them onto a different day in the calendar. Similarly, tasks can be marked as done in Wunderlist and the status will show up in Sunrise as well.

Try out the new Sunrise Calendar integration with Wunderlist (if you use both apps, that is) and share your thoughts with us!

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