Sure Cuts A Lot: Edit your fonts

Sure Cuts A Lot is an image editing utility that specializes in letting you create different fonts based on tens of presets along with a line of extra tools.

Installation & Requirements

The whole setup process is really fast, owning to a small file size. You are also offered a few basic options but not much more. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 as well as Mac OS 10.6 and later.


When you lunch the application you will probably be a bit overwhelmed by the amount of windows floating around in the interface. However, once you spend a little time with the application you will realize that the extra windows are there just for the convenience of being able to move them around and having a clearer picture in the background.

The main window is where most of the utilities are located. You will enter the fonts and shapes in the background and edit them using the various toolbar windows located all around. Adding new fonts and shapes is as easy as dragging and dropping them into the application either from the window containing them or from any image on your computer. You can then use the tools window and the editing menus to do whatever you want with them. Be sure to open the Layer menu fi you want more detail on your images.

In the Properties window you will be able to view information about whatever image you click on the screen like its dimensions and also edit their position by rotating them and aligning them with the other images. You can even change their colour on the spot by choosing on from the drop down list. Different image files have different properties so fonts will have vastly different options than shapes.

When you are done with all of your editing options, you can proceed to cut the images precisely using your cutter. You can select one out of the list of the compatible ones and then proceed to set the options like the materials you will use and the cut settings. You can even perform a test cut before the final one in order to be sure they work. When you are done, simply click on the Cut button and the process will begin. The application will automatically cut around the shapes but the trial version will have a line watermark across your cut so keep that in mind.


-Fast installation
-Different windows for each utility
-A ton of options for everything
-A long list of compatible cutters
-Clean editing interface


-Too many windows might lead to frustration


Sure Cuts A Lot is a decent application that will vastly improve your font cutting techniques. The interface is quite easy to use and the amount of customization options will surely be welcome to anyone.