Swappa’s new app can tell how much your phone is worth

Swappa is a website where you can sell and buy used smart devices and there are quite a few listed there. The company has decided to enter the Play Store with their Swappa Price app.

What it does, is show you how much your devices are worth and it displays a current estimate in a history chart. This allows users to get a general overview of the device’s value over the last few months, which can come in handy if you’ve been waiting for the right time for an upgrade.

Swappa SearchThe app automatically detects your phone model, and shows its pricing, but it also offers the same information for other devices, via its search function. Those incredibly attractive “Buy” and “Sell” options that appear at the bottom of each listing are almost useless for now.

Tapping on any of them – as misleading as it may seem – takes you to the Swappa website. There’s no way of buying/selling devices through the app. In fact, you’re not even able to log in and see your account information.

However, those two buttons do suggest, the buy/sell functionality might be added at some point. Perhaps Swappa is just waiting to see if the app fares well in terms of popularity and then decide if it’s worth expanding its list of features.

Even so, Swappa is free and there’s no harm in using it just for its price check ability. It can be a valuable tool to keep track on your phone’s value or see how the price evolves for devices you’re tempted to purchase.

What’s your phone model and how much does Swappa “think” its worth? Do you think it’s a fair price?

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