How To: Sync files between your computers

    Cloud storage services are immensely popular right now and for good reason. You can back up all of your files with a very simple setup while also saving space in your computer. Of course, there are some disadvantages to this like not being very secure and not being able to store as much data as you want because bigger data plans require payments. A simple solution to this is to use free software to sync files between your computers through your network. The obvious disadvantage to this is that you have to keep the devices open at all times when you want to sync your files and you are at the mercy of hardware failure.

    1. BitTorrent Sync


    BitTorrent Sync is a simply amazing tool. It was incredible when it only had desktop functionality but now it also supports mobile devices. Setting the application up is very simple. You must simply install it on one device and then use a randomly generated code dubbed “secret” in order to sync the files between your computers. This makes the service incredibly secure and it will only sync file using your own network as an extra layer of security. Mobile devices can sync simply by scanning a QR code.

    2. AeroFS


    This is a very Dropbox-like service with a fundamental difference: the files are not stored in a central server. In contrast, the files are sent through the service’s servers but are automatically synced between your computers without storing them in a central cloud storage. You will need to sign up with an account and download the application. It will create a Dropbox/SkyDrive-like folder in your computer where you will store the files you want to sync.