System and Security Info app detects malware and other security related issues on your iPhone

iOS is constantly beefing up its security features but there is no operating system that is completely invulnerable. If you’re a security-conscious user you should definitely take a look at the System and Security Info app.

This new app is available in the App Store and comes with a functional collection of features. It displays device information organized in several categories such as Disk Usage, Memory Usage, and CPU Usage among others.

System and Security app can detect if your device is jailbroken and analyzes the SHA1 Hash, Signature, and Entitlements of running apps. Furthermore, it comes equipped with malware and security anomaly detection.

Even if iOS does have its own security features, this app may come in handy if you sideload apps, install Cydia tweaks and apps, or use any untrusted sources to download apps and content on your phone.

After it analyzes the device, System and Security Info will let you know if any kind of malware has been detected. The system information sections provide thorough details on your device’s hardware. For example, the CPU Usage displays the processor type, number of cores, byteorder, and cacheline among others.

You can download the System and Security Info app from the link below, and while it’s not free, the $0.99 price tag is definitely worth it. If you decide to give it a try, come back and let us know how you liked it.

Install System and Security Info (iTunes)

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