How To Take Screenshots on the iPhone X, XS or XR

The iPhone X is Apple’s latest design innovation and perhaps the thing that many iPhone fans see as a drawback is the fact it doesn’t have a physical home button like older models. This means you can’t take screenshots on the iPhone X like you can on any previous iPhone.

As expected, all actions that relied on the home button such as force-restarting, returning to the home screen, switching apps and so on, are now performed in a different manner.

Capture the screen on your iPhone X, XS or XR

take screenshots on the iPhone X

As for any other smartphone, the first step is to navigate to the screen you want to screenshot. Then, press and hold the side button located on the right side of the device and click the Volume up button at the same time.

On older iPhones, you would use the Home button + Volume Up button. The shortcut is very similar on the iPhone X, except the Home button has been replaced by the side button.

The screen will flash white and if the sound is enabled on your device, you will also hear the camera shutter. After taking the screenshot, the markup screen will be displayed, where you can annotate the photo. That’s it!

If you’re used to taking screenshots on older iPhones, you shouldn’t have any problems taking them on the iPhone X – all you need is to press both the side and volume up buttons at the same time.

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