Tapete Lets You Make Your Own Wallpapers

There is no shortage of wallpaper apps on Google Play, which is both great gain and pain. Pain because it takes a while to weed out something that truly represents your identity. Today we showcase a new wallpaper generating app called Tapete, from the German – wallpaper. Who would know.

Tapete iconTapete

Developer: Malte Peters
Type: Personalization
Download from Google Play

Before you get to it, Tapete is a very style-specific app, it’s nothing exxlectic, really, and appeals mostly to the fans of the Material design, pixel art, and amoled kind of pitch black wallpapers with a little customization on them.

Tapete lets you customize your wallpaper in quite many ways. First of all, you get to create a background by choosing the colors you want to have in it. Notably, there is a color slider where you can adjust hue, saturation and value. Then choose the color variance from zero variance (if you want mono-color), to slight, medium, high, or intense variability. In my humble opinion, anything that’s non-mono is chaotic, but your preferences may differ. The medium, high and intense seem like they drop a pixel bomb of color.

Anyway, except the colors and their variances, you get to set a color-specific algorithm – chaotic, adaptive, by line, or by column. See how it changes the pattern of your background.
Next you have to choose if you want to spice up your background with a print of one of the cute or techie images you have in the other gallery available under the foreground button. There are tech thingies, sweets, something that could be animals, rockets, and the blobs that look strikingly similar to Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble wib-wobs.

The foreground, too, can have multiple colors, or a single color, and here, too, you can choose the color variations. You can also choose the positioning of the print on your background and its size.

From there, tap the share button to open the dialog box that offers to share your wallpaper, save it to your device or set it as a wallpaper right away.

The performance is smooth, the app is free, and the limit to the number of generated background patterns is only your imagination.