Team17 announces mobile-friendly Worms 4


Worms 4 Battle

The Worms franchise has a very special place in my heart as I have spent many hours playing the games both on PC and on mobile, especially in pass-to-play and Bluetooth multiplayer modes. Recent Worms games may have failed to emulate the level of success of the first few titles but developer Team17 knows where its current target market lies and it has just announced a new title called Worms 4 designed exclusively for mobile devices. The game is set to be released in August for iOS with other platforms following later.

PocketGamer got an exclusive first look at the game which revealed many details over the gameplay and design choices made by the developer. Weapons are at the forefront once again and players will gain access to such beautifully destructive items such as Haley’s Comet, flamethrowers, a “lucky die” and 33 more. Most weapons in the game can be upgraded with various effects such as fire and poison via loot which is earned both by playing the game and by potential in-app purchases. Loot can also contain aesthetic items such as voice packs, costumes and gravestones which I hope is the area IAPs will focus on.

Worms 4 Weapons

Worms 4 will feature a lengthy single player campaign of 80 missions with a variety of modes like the wave-based Bodycount and Vital Worm which turns a single character into the most important one for the duration of the match because killing it means game over. Multiplayer will be available in local pass-to-play modes as well as online (real-time) via Facebook. Online play will also be augmented by a faction system where Red and Blue will battle it out every 24 hours with in-game events. Winners will get bonus loot for their efforts and the competition should definitely help keep the game alive for a decent amount of time.

Worms 4 Aiming

And to answer the question on everyone’s mind, the game is going to be a premium title. Creative manager Kevin Carthew said that the company had looked at free to paly but decided against it in the end. Moreover, he says that there is no reason players should care about the game but users have shown time and time again that a Worms game done right can be incredibly fun and this is what everyone is hoping for with the latest entry in the series.