TeamViewer: Free remote access and remote desktop sharing

TeamViewer is probably the most popular remote control program out there and for good reasons. It offers not only quick access to a remote computer but also a few things on the side like file transfer, chat, web-chat and much more. One of the best features TeamViewer benefits from is the innovative method of connecting to a remote computer without the need of creating and setting up accounts, opening ports or worry about firewalls.

Team Viewer Main

Installation & Requirements

One of the great aspects of TeamViewer is that you can run it as an independent executable application and skip the installation completely. Once you execute the installer, you will be given the option of either installing the program (wich will give you some additional options) or just run it and connect with your partner right away.

The installation process is simple, helpful, intuitive and very clean. There are no adware programs or recommended toolbars involved.

Another big plus besides the intuitive installation process is the fact that TeamViewer is a freeware program, meaning that you will not need to pay for a license in order to use it indefinitely, as long as you use it for personal use. For corporate use, TeamViewer puts three lifetime licenses at our disposal: Business, Premium and Corporate, ranging from 500 to 1890 euros.

One last great thing to mention is that TeamViewer offers multi-platform support, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android devices, iPads and iPhones altogether.


The TeamViewer interface is efficient and self-explanatory with every feature placed conveniently for ease of use. Within the  remote control sessions window an action bar is placed on your screen, delivering full access to every feature you may need including file transfer, remote session recording, chat, video chat as well as the option of logging off and rebooting your partner’s computer. Rebooting in Safe mode is also available, making TeamViewer a highly valuable program for those who are on the lookout for a solution to remotely fix software issues.

The “remote control” option comes hand in hand with the “presentation” mode, a feature that will put another set of tools at your disposal, such as whiteboarding, the ability to add speech bubbles and a few more options that come in handy in any remote presentation.


– Intuitive, clean and easy to use interface
– An amazing number of features at no cost and no adware
– Secure SSL and AES 256-bit encoding
– Almost instant access to a remote computer with no installation required
– Availability on a wide range of devices, from Smartphones to Macs and PCs


– Lack of WOL option
– VPN connection required to gain access to a remote printer

TeamViewer Alternatives

Although TeamViewer offers almost everything you need from a remote access program, there is no harm in taking a look at some of the software alternatives that can be found out there.

One of these alternatives is a program called LogMeIn which offers pretty much everything TeamViewer has to offer, with some exceptions. One of the high-points of LogMeIn is the fact that it doesn’t need a client installed on the target computer in order for you to gain remote access to it. On the other hand, the free version of LogMeIn lacks the file transfer capabilities that TeamViewer offers for free. With LogMeIn you will need to pay for a LogMeIn Pro license in order to benefit from file transfer and the remote printing capabilities. This TeamViewer alternative is also available on Windows, Mac, Android and Apple devices.

Another alternative to TeamViewer is UltraVNC, a smaller remote access program that is available exclusively for Windows, also for free. It doesn’t have many of the options bundled with TeamViewer but if you are mainly interested in being able to offer remote support and repair, Ultra VNC can be a viable solution.


TeamViewer is one of the best remote controlling software out there, providing ease of access and tons of features for free. It has a clean user friendly interface and it provides tools not only for remote access but for presentation as well. TeamViewer is available on pretty much any platform, from Windows to Android and iOS devices, a feature that can also be found in other alternative software but unlike the competition, TeamViewer offers these features at no additional costs. All these advantages add up and make TeamViewer one of the most popular remote accessing programs in the world.