Teleport Pro: Fully-featured webspider

Teleport Pro is a shareware webspider application that will let you retrieve all the files and data from any website you want, making them available to you for offline browsing and more.

Installation & Requirements

The setup is really simple and should complete very fast. The installer does not create a desktop shortcut so you will need to either start the program from the Start menu or create a desktop shortcut on your own. The application supports all versions of Windows from 98 and later including Windows Servers.


Each time you start the application you will be greeted by the new project wizard, a step-by-step project creation guide. That is also the time where you will notice the visual structure of the application in the background. Due to the fact that the application caters to so many versions of Windows, both new and old, the visuals are quite basic. However, the icons are very neatly organized and you will have no problem familiarizing yourself with the interface. The only problem is that the retrieved files are hard to navigate as the interface becomes a bit cluttered when you are running hundreds of files.

Regarding the project wizard, you will be able to choose through a variety of actions like creating an offline copy of a website, duplicating a webpage and searching one for keywords. In the following step you will need to enter the URL of the webpage you want to deal with and the depth you want the webspider to crawl in. The third step is about the project properties. Depending on the action you want to take you will have to set various options although you can just leave the default ones. After you are done with that you will need to finish and save the project in a folder of your choice. The files that the application will download will go directly to that folder so keep that in mind before choosing it.

When you have saved your project, you will also need to run it. Simply click on the project located in the left side panel and click on the run button. Depending on the action you want to take the process might take quite a bit of time, especially if your internet connection is slow. You will be able to see the current progress in real time in the main window and the files that are being retrieved in the bottom left corner. The limitation of the trial is that each project can only retrieve up to 500 files. Any more than that and the application will simply stop retrieving them and inform you of it.


-Fast installation
-Clean interface
-Very helpful wizard
-Extremely easy to use


-Dated visuals


Teleport Pro is a decent enough webspider that will surely help amateur users with the easy to use interface and the guided wizard. However, the outdated interface and the display modes might deter more experienced users.