Text Aide for Android is a helper app that lets you handle selected text like never before

Whenever you need to select a portion of text (for whatever reason) on your Android device, the whole process depends in which app you want to do this. Not all apps let you copy text selectively and in some it can’t be done at all.

For example, in WhatsApp and Hangouts you can copy only the entire message. Something that should have been done by hitting a button is a memory task as you switch back and forth between two apps to manually write the text you wanted to copy.

A simple solution to this problem is Text Aide, a handy app that originally started as an Xposed module and offers five main features: Define, Expand, Search+, Share, and Speak. It still has an Xposed module with some extra features, but it’s optional and the app itself doesn’t require a rooted device.

The features I just mentioned can be accessed in several ways. For starters, you can simply share a piece of text and in the share menu you’ll find Copy, Define, Dial, Search+, Open as URL and Speak options. Plus you can customize the ones that show up in the share menu according to your own preferences.

Now a bit more on what these features actually do. ‘Define’ shows a pop-up with the definition of the selected word. ‘Copy Aide’ is a clipboard monitor you can enable to automatically perform actions when you copy some text. It also brings up a permanent notification that lets you change the action you want it to execute but also to pause/resume the clipboard monitor as you need it.

Besides the default ‘Define’ action, you can set ‘Copy Aide’ to read the text out loud, search for it online or simply display the copied text in a popup. The latter option is great for messaging apps that only allow you to copy whole messages.

If you have a rooted device with Xposed framework, the app’s optional Xposed module lets you double tap to select text in apps that don’t support this feature by default, such as YouTube and WhatsApp.

The Define option shows the definition of the selected word in a pop-up and besides the above mentioned methods it can also be accessed from the home screen widget. It offers offline definitions for English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. You can get more languages if you install Dict Aide another app from the same developer which bundles several StarDict dictionary packs.

Text Aide 5

Expand lets you create text macros, for example @name to type your full name and anything else you type often. Furthermore, the app offers several dynamic macros like the current time, day, month and a few more.

The Search+ function enables you to use the selected text as a search query on a website of your choice (the list of sites can be reordered and customized) and open it in your favorite browser or in the app’s floating browser.

Besides copying text, the Share menu also lets you place a call via Dial if the selected text is a phone number and if its a link you can open it directly in a browser using the Open As URL option.

Finally, Speak will read out loud almost any text, a useful feature when you can’t look at the screen or you need to find out how words are pronounced correctly, such as when learning a new language.

Download Text Aide (Google Play)

Text Aide may be packed with features and customization options, but it’s certainly worth spending a bit of time to tweak it. For as long as you need to handle text on your phone, this app can certainly make things easier. It’s completely free so give it a try and come back to tell us what you like/dislike about it in the comments section below or by leaving us a message on  Facebook, Twitter or Google+.