ThinkComposer: Create elegant working environments

Being part of a big project can be quite demanding. ThinkComposer wants to take some of the burden by letting you create visual thinking tools that will help boost the performance of the project you are working on.

Installation & Requirements

The setup process is very simple, letting the user create desktop shortcuts and start menu folders but not much else. However, it also completes very fast. The supported operating systems are Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7 and 8.


The interface is, to say the least, overwhelming. The toolbar in the top has a ton of icons, each with its own function, providing customization options that few other applications can even dream of. The options become available when you create a new composition or a new domain which contains a composition by default.

Creating new projects is easy to do but hard to understand as there are a lot of options for different compositions. The setup wizard provides a short description for all of them alongside a picture so that you know what they will look like. When you have selected a domain for your composition, the Concepts, Relationships, Markers, Complements and whatever else is available for that domain will appear on the right of the main window. Each of them can be applied in the Main View in different ways. For example, the concepts can be drawn into it while the markers will appear on the Concept windows you have already created.

Clicking on a concept allows you to edit them further, adding markets, descriptions, summaries and more. When you want to link two or more concepts you can simply create relationships within them, marking them with arrows, references or whatever else you want. When you right click on them you will also have various options available to you from the context menu like adding link and table details to each of them.

Each and every option has its own separate window with different settings. You can personalize pretty much everything you see in the application, including obvious things like the colour of the windows but going as far as to have different note types for each window. Moreover, when you have created a concept and you click on it, you gain access to the top toolbar tabs, namely the Edit, Styles, View and Tools tabs. There you can edit small details like the color, the zoom level, the grid tiles and more.

As a last note, everything you create can be exported in various formats like PDF and HTML reports but you can also export simple images or print them. Creating a report is a simple process that involves a separate wizard for each of them where you have various settings like text formatting and settings titles.


-Fast installation
-Pleasant visual interface
-A myriad of tools, utilities and modules
-Incredibly deep customization and personalization options
-Easy to use despite being hard to learn


-Can be intimidating to newcomers


The ease of access and the abundance of the customization options as well as the various tools offered by ThinkComposer truly make it shine. If you are serious about your project management and you want an application that can help your team kick start new ideas, then you have come to the right place.