TimeGT: Secure task management

Nowadays, managing tasks and maintaining a good level of productivity are quite difficult. TimeGT wants to help with both of those things by providing a safe, solid platform on which you can manage your tasks while knowing that no one else can access them.

Installation & Requirements

The setup does not exactly leave much room for customization options so you just agree to the EULA and the installation begins. It should only take a few minutes or so, depending on your system. The supported Windows versions are XP, Vista and 7.


Productivity tools are very common, with a lot of them sprouting out in recent years. The majority of them fail because of a couple of simple things: they are hideous and they are clunky. TimeGT is neither of those things and it believes so much in itself that it can automatically create a sample timeline of tasks for you so that you can see what the program will look like once you set it up.

Everything looks incredibly clean, with the tasks being separated into several categories. Every task has its own details like a title, comment, tag, date of creation and projected date of completion. These details are separated by color, something that makes them very easy on the eye. Clicking on a task also lets you edit it on the spot via a menu on the bottom for easy access. Changes are instant, although not all of them can be edited via that menu.

Adding new tasks and completing old ones is also a breeze with options to put things into a large variety of categories. Just by taking a glance at the sample categories, you can see what your progress will appear like once you have used the program for a while and it is all quite neat. Completed tasks can also be viewed, edited and even put on active status again as you might want to repeat a set task. Of course, if there is a task that you repeat every day, you can simply tell the application so and it will keep it there for you.

Privacy and security concerned individuals will also be pleased to know that the program encrypts everything on its servers and the only one who can access your tasks is yourself, provided no one else has access to your password. This can be a bit tricky because the program does not offer a password reset feature to keep things more secure. If you ever forget it, you will lose all of your work but that is the price one has to pay to be protected.


-Beautiful design
-Very easy to use and setup
-Tasks can be edited freely
-Categorizing different tasks and their details is incredibly simple
-Very secure


-Maybe a bit lacking in the customization department


If you like your productivity tools to be simple and elegant, TimeGT will serve you just fine. The program offers quite a lot of options for you to play with, making the management of your tasks seem like an easy business.