Tinuous: Batch image conversion with image editing options

Essential batch image conversion functions are provided by a large number of lightweight, free image converters. However, additional options for file renaming, image adjustments, transformations and others are usually available in commercial and complex image editing software. Tinuous is one of the exceptions: this free application manages to offer all of the above mentioned features while remaining small and light on system resources.

Installation & Requirements

Tinuous comes with a quick and adware-free installation, which offers only standard setup options. A ZIP version is also offered, which doesn’t need to be installed. All you have to do is extract the files and run the executable from the Tinuous folder.

Tinuous works on Windows XP, Vista and 7 with no hardware requirements.


The rough looks of Tinuous are compensated by its large array of settings and functions available in five different tabs. General, the main tab offers a file browser and lots of basic settings like the input/output folder, input/output formats, output naming scheme, image quality, transformations and other program behaviors.

Tinuous supports only a few image formats, namely PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF and TIFF, but these are the most popular ones. A preview of the images is provided and it lets users view their soon-to-be-converted images with all the modifications before the actual conversion as well as verify the output names.

From the Individual tab images can be manually selected and from the Advanced tab more image adjustments are offered, such as bit depth, auto correction, brightness, contrast, saturation and hue. Additional program behaviors are available for customization in the Options tab. These include setting default input/output folders, adding the program to the “Send To” menu, closing the program after processing, enable tooltips and others.


– Simple setup process.
– Portable version with no installation is available.
– Batch conversion and other image processing actions such as transformations, adjustments and output file naming.
– Batch auto-correct function.
– Preview options allow users to view images with applied modifications before the conversion process.


– No documentation is offered in English.


– Image Tools


Tinuous’s Spartan layout is not very appealing, but the features it offers certainly are. Users with no experience in image editing may have a hard time since Tinous lacks English documentation. Other than that, the application is easy to use and for a free image converter it has plenty of additional capabilities.