[Tip] Change the look of iOS Action Menus with SleekSheets tweak

If you think the default iOS action sheets could have a nicer appearance, or at least more modern, you need to check out the new SleekSheets Cydia tweak. It lets you change the look of iOS Actions Menus in a convenient manner.

The tweak enables you to flatten the appearance of action menus and display them edge to edge. There are plenty of options to customize, and you can also keep some of the default appearances if you wish to do so.

Change the look of iOS Action Menus

To change the look of iOS Action Menus, you will need to visit the straightforward preferences panel provided by SleekSheets tweak after you install it.

For starters, you can choose between square or rounded corners, the latter option being the default one. You can see how square corners look in the image above.

Enabling the “Flush Edges” option sets the action sheets from edge to edge, instead of being displayed in the middle of the screen.

Furthermore, you can disable “Hide Separators” to remove the separator lines between options, and you can also hide the “Cancel” button from the menu. It’s definitely not a must-have button since you can exit the menu with just a quick tap on the area above it.

As you can see, SleekSheets tweak makes it easy to change the look of iOS Action Menu and you can download it for free from Cydia. Nevertheless, be aware it only works for iOS 9. There is no official support for older iOS versions, but if you are using iOS 7 or 8 and decide to give SleekSheets a try, let us know if it works.

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