[Tip] Delete all alarms at once in iOS

The stock iOS Clock app is quite functional but it does lack an important feature. It doesn’t let you delete all alarms at once in iOS, which would be a very convenient option for those who end up having a dozen or more alarms that are not relevant anymore.

Normally, you’d need to enter ‘Edit’ mode and hit the delete button for each alarm you want to remove. In many cases, avoiding all this manual work is what causes all those alarms to pile up in the first place.

While the stock Clock app doesn’t have a ‘Delete all’ option, Siri provides a solution. Since Apple’s virtual assistant integrates with the Clock app, among the many other things it can do, is you can use it to delete all alarms at once in iOS.

How to delete all alarms at once in iOS

Long press the Home button or say “Hey Siri” to summon the assistant, then simply say “Delete all my alarms”.

delete all alarms at once in iOS

You will be prompted to confirm your action, so tap on ‘Confirm’ and all the alarms you had in the default Clock app will be gone. You can now enjoy your blank Alarms section and create new and more relevant ones.

Siri can also be of help when you have multiple alarms, and you want to disable or enable all of them in one go. Summon the assistant and say “Disable/Enable all my alarms”.

It would have been ideal to have the ability to delete and enable/disable all alarms at once directly in the Clock app, but at least Siri steps in and gives us the opportunity to use these options until Apple decides they deserve a place inside the app as well.

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