[Tip] Enable Dynamic Lock in Windows 10

enable Dynamic Lock in Windows 10

Windows 10 Creators Update brings a new feature called Dynamic Lock. Before we show you how to enable Dynamic Lock in Windows 10, here’s how the feature works.

Microsoft states Dynamic Lock will automatically lock your PC every time you leave it. This explanation is pretty generic. While there is no complete information on all the technologies it uses, apparently one of them is Bluetooth and the webcam might be used as well. However, by the looks of it, Dynamic Lock is not linked to Windows Hello in any way.

How to enable Dynamic Lock in Windows 10

Before proceeding to the instructions, be aware that in order to enable Dynamic Lock in Windows 10 you will need Creators Update installed which is scheduled to arrive this year in April. Nevertheless, you can make use of Dynamic Lock right now if you’ve joined the Windows Insider program and have Windows 10 build 15002 or higher installed (the latest build available in the Fast Ring is 150007).

enable Dynamic Lock in Windows 10

With that said, open Settings and navigate to Accounts -> Sign-in options.

Here, you will find the Dynamic Lock section and to enable the feature you simply need to toggle the switch to the On position.

With Dynamic Lock enabled, every time you leave your PC the operating system will lock it. While your session remains locked until you sign-in using your chosen authentication method, other users can sign into their own accounts.

What do you think about Dynamic Lock and do you plan to use this feature?

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