[Tip] Find Windows 10 default wallpapers on your computer

So you love one (or more) Windows 10 stock wallpaper and you’d like to use those images for a different purpose? The good news is you can, but you do need to know how to find Windows 10 default wallpapers on your PC.

Obviously, you just have to navigate to that location in order to access the images used as default wallpapers by Windows 10 so the whole process couldn’t get any easier.

How to find Windows 10 default wallpapers

Open File Explorer and go to


find Windows 10 default wallpapers

As you can see, you will find three different folders there.

The one called $k contains the pics used as Windows hero images in various sizes for both vertical and landscape orientations.

In the Screen folder, you will find the photos used for Lock Screen.


Finally, the Wallpaper folder is what we’re interested in for today’s guide, since this is where the Windows 10 stock wallpapers are stored. The folder name is quite descriptive – no mystery here -, and the same location, you might also find wallpapers from your laptop or desktop manufacturer.

If you’d like to change your desktop wallpaper right then and there, just right click on the image you want and select ‘Set as desktop background’. Alternatively, you can head over to Settings -> Personalize and change your current wallpaper from that menu.

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