[Tip] Here’s how you can stop Windows 10 automatic updates

Windows 10 ensures that updates are automatically downloaded since having an up to date OS is one of the best ways to ensure your computer remains secure. It is possible to stop Windows 10 automatic updates but it’s not a straightforward process.

Microsoft is determined to give us those Windows 10 updates, whether we like it or not. Windows 10 Enterprise, Professional and Education editions can change the auto-update settings via the Group Policy and Registry editors.

How to stop Windows 10 automatic updates

However, even if you’re a Windows 10 Home user, there’s still a way to stop Windows 10 automatic updates.


To understand what I mean, open the Settings app and go to Update & Security -> Windows Update.

Under the Update settings section you will see a message saying:

“Available updates will be downloaded and installed automatically, except over metered connections (where charges may apply).”

So what does this mean? It’s simple: what you need to do is set your connection as “metered”. ┬áThis status is for those Internet connections that come with a limited data plan to prevent overage fees.

Windows 10 can automatically set various types of connections (like cellular data for example) as “metered”. However, you can also set a metered connection manually.


Go to Settings -> Network & Internet -> Wi-Fi.

Click on your connection’s name.


Scroll down a bit and you will find a “Set as metered connection option”. Switch the toggle to on and you’re done.

For as long as your WiFi connection is metered, Windows 10 will not download updates automatically.

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