[Tip] Quickly apply all pending app updates via 3D Touch

Quickly apply app updates via 3D Touch

Some third-party apps and games are finding some very original uses for 3D Touch, but the stock options shouldn’t be ignored either. Especially now since iOS 9.3 brought a new set of 3D Touch shortcuts to the stock apps.

The default iOS apps are particularly important when it comes to the added functionality 3D Touch introduces, as everyone is using at least some of them. One of the essential stock apps that pretty much every iOS user opens up regularly is the App Store app.

How to easily apply app updates via 3D Touch

Thanks to the quick options panel you can now apply all app updates via 3D Touch. So the next time you see the App Store icon with a red badge on it – meaning there are several available app updates -, don’t launch it. Instead, pressure-touch the App Store icon and from the quick options menu, select ‘Update All‘.

apply app updates via 3D Touch

This is one of the 3D Touch shortcuts I use most often and I’m sure once you get used to it, you won’t update your apps any other way.

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