Quickly reset your Home Screen layout in iOS

While iOS might be limited regarding visual customization, it doesn’t mean there are no such options at all. And if there’s one thing that’s different from one iPhone to another it’s the home screen.

Each user has its own preferences when it comes to setting up the home screen layout on their iPhone or iPad. The most common scenario is to keep frequently used apps on the main screen, and the rest on the following pages.

How to reset your home screen layout in iOS

However, at some point, you might want to reset your Home Screen layout in iOS to reorganize it. This can be easily done and the default layout is a good place to start customizing the home screen. Keep reading to find out how to reset your Home Screen layout in iOS, on your iPhone or iPad.

Launch the Settings app and navigate to General -> Reset.

reset your home screen layout in iOS

From this screen, you can reset all settings among other things, but for the purpose of this guide, tap on the ‘Reset Homescreen Layout’ and tap one more time on ‘Reset Home Screen’ to confirm your choice.

This will reset the current home screen layout and bring back the default one. Then, you can leave it like that, or start rearranging the icons as you please.

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