TomTom re-launches Go Mobile navigation for Android

More and more people are using GPS navigation apps, instead of buying specialized hardware and TomTom is definitely aware of the trend as they just re-launched their Go Mobile app for Android users. The feature packed app lets you drive 50 miles per month for free – a great way to test it and make an informed decision concerning its purchase.

TomTom’s Go Mobile provides users with offline map storage – a very important feature because otherwise you’d probably go through your data faster than the legal speed limit. The app also has real-time traffic update capability, speed camera warnings and a 3D view of nearby buildings and landmarks for better orientation.

To make things easier for drivers, the app lets you save the settings for frequently visited locations and you can buy a global license to get the complete feature package almost anywhere in the world with no need for an Internet connection.

If those 50 miles of free driving each month are not enough you can get unlimited driving by upgrading to a yearly subscription priced at £14.99 or a 3-year subscription that costs £34.99.

Is there a free GPS nav app that covers all your needs? Or are you using a paid service/app? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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