Top 10 Board Games for iOS

Before mobile games, or even console games for that matter, we had board games. Although these games are still frequently played in their original form today, many of them have also been ported into a virtual version for mobile devices. Most of these games aren’t much more than a direct adaptation of the original board game, with a few necessary tweaks to make it work on mobile — but that’s not really a bad thing with this genre.

Let’s get started with the list! Remember, you can click the link next to the ranking to find any one these games on the Apple App Store.

#10 – MONOPOLY – $0.99


It hurts me a bit to put Monopoly so low on this list, as it’s one of my personal favorite board games of all-time, but if not for that it might have not made it here at all. It isn’t that Monopoly is a bad game, it’s that the mobile version doesn’t live up to the board game experience. Still, in today’s age, it’s pretty hard to find a few people who would actually sit through an entire game of Monopoly — so the mobile game is a nice alternative.

Even through several updates, the developers of the mobile version have yet to win over the mobile gaming community, but hopefully they can get this right eventually.

#9 – Chess ++ – Free


There are a variety of different Chess games on the mobile market, but I personally prefer this version, as the graphics are nice and sleek. You can go the 3D route if you prefer, but Chess is a battle of minds, not a flashy visual showcase. Go online and play against random people on the internet, take on your friends, or battle the AI on varied difficulty settings.

#8 – Battleship – $4.99


Battleship is a really great mobile game, since there really isn’t a whole lot going on, it doesn’t leave much room for a poor interface. There’s nothing really special about this mobile version, but it plays very well, and you’re able to take on your friends in addition to the AI. Honestly, I’d rank Battleship a bit higher if it wasn’t $4.99, especially when more complex board games are a lot cheaper. Still, it’s a great game, and anyone who played the board game as a kid will definitely get the nostalgia feelings going.

#7 – RISK – $2.99


Like Monopoly, RISK has a lot of woes that come along with porting a board game to mobile devices. However, it is definitely put together better than Monopoly, and surprisingly well organized considering how much needs to be packed in to your screen for this game. Unfortunately, the real-time multiplayer elements of the game don’t work nearly as well as they should, and it’s almost impossible to play against your friends in the game’s current state. However, the Single Player still offers plenty to enjoy, and the AI is relatively challenging.

#6 – Blood Bowl – $4.99

blood bowl

Combine elements of a classic RPG game, with Fantasy Football, and what you get is Blood Bowl. This is one of the few board games that actually offers a completely new feel to the game, opposed to just bringing you a virtual version of the classic game board you’ve seen hundreds of times. Although the mobile adaptation isn’t perfect, it is also relatively new, so bug fixes and updates are more than likely to come in the near future.

#5 – Bingo Blingo – Free


Who says Bingo is just for old people? Well, quite a few people feel that way I believe, but Bingo Blingo is still pretty fun regardless. There are a few unique twists to the classic Bingo game to make it a bit more interesting, as well as daily tournaments/leagues to compete in to see who is the best bingo player on iOS. You can also unlock a handful of boosts to increase your odds of winning the game.

#4 – Farkle Live – Free


I was introduced to Farkle a couple of years ago, and I really enjoyed the board game version. The mobile version is great as well, and features an exact replication of the original. There is a multiplayer mode on this game, but it uses a dated Energy system which I personally do not care for one bit. It is still a fun game to play against the AI, and can keep you entertained for hours.

#3 – Stone Age: The Board Game – $6.99


The mobile version of Stone Age allows players to complete a game much quicker than the table-top version, and it’s one of the few board games which is almost a little bit better on mobile. Of course nothing can beat the physical experience, but Stone Age is a prime example of what a mobile adaptation of a board game should look like.

There is a great tutorial that will help new players get acquainted quickly, and a variety of options in regards to how the game is played — such as online, single player vs AI, or even single-device/multiple people play. It is a bit more expensive than other board games on iOS, but definitely worth the money.

#2 – Dungeons and Dragons: Lords of Waterdeep – $6.99

dungeons and dragons

Fortunately, the most epic board game of all-time received a proper mobile port. Dungeons and Dragons: Lords of Waterdeep, offers the full D&D experience and then some. You can do pass and play with your friends, as well as real-time multiplayer online, or you can use AI. There is tons of customization, and a near endless amount of content to play through.

There are even expansions available for this game, so you can keep playing through new and exciting content with your friends. Like Stone Age, it’s a bit spendy, but if you want a really solid mobile board game you’ve gotta fork up the cash.

#1 – Words With Friends – Free

words with friends

Since Words with Friends didn’t show up anywhere else on the list, I’m sure you expected to see it here at #1. I know there are quite a few people who are against this game for some reason, but it is one of the few mobile board games that is free, and actually works. Connect to Facebook and you can challenge anyone on your friends list to a game of Scrab — er, I mean, “Words with Friends”.

That does it for our list of the Top 10 Board Games for iOS! Let us know what you think of this list in the comment section below, and share your favorite mobile board game with the Pocketmeta community.