Top 10 Mobile Games Built on Unity

I’ve been wanting to dedicate an article to Unity for quite a while, and now that Unity is rumored to be up for sale seems to be a perfect timing. The rumor goes that Unity has been in talks with potential buyers, including Google. Whatever the reasoning behind the move, or the intention to sell, I really keep my fingers crossed for Unity. Acquisitions can work spectacularly great, when the company gets access to bigger ads and development budgeting, when the product skyrockets in features and quality. At the same time, acquisitions in tech often mean a product’s demise because the main talent behind the product no longer has a say which way it has to grow. So, big money can kill all that used to be beautiful about the product. I sincerely hope a prospective acquisition will do well for Unity.

Half of mobile game developers build their games on Unity engine, and most of them tend to have that special quality look that makes them stand out. So, when at some point I caught myself thinking that every other beautiful game I like is built on Unity, I came up with this list of popular games built on this engine. In no particular order, here they are.

Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf [Android, iOS]
By Bulkypix, Genre: Role Playing
Price: $0.99

It’s a surprise Lone Wolf is free because last time I checked it had a hefty price tag to it, and I am not sure if the ‘summer’ sale is going to last forever, or end abruptly, so I suggest you grab the game while it’s free, if you still haven’t played it.

The combat system seems to be the one aspect that aggravates some users while others admit that’s a challenge that makes the gameplay even better. It’s a gorgeous mix of a gamebook and action RPG with a thrilling adventure full of mystery, magic and ominous foes, and of course beautiful visuals. Consisting of three acts as of now, it offers season passes and standalone in-app purchases for each act separately.

Content-wise, this game is a treasure chest that never seems to exhaust itself. Written by Joe Dever himself, the world of Magnamund is exciting and deep, with a new adventure line, hand-drawn illustrations, 3D environments and awful enemies. Additionally, besides action RPG and dungeon crawling, Lone Wolf implements lock picking and puzzle mechanics to diversify strategy gameplay. There are numerous fighting styles to try and master, so at no point in the game can you feel bored.

Deus Ex: The Fall [Android, iOS]
By SQUARE ENIX Ltd, Genre: Action
Price: $6.99

Deus Ex: The Fall is another dazzling example of Unity-built supremacy. Plot-wise, it elaborates on one of my favorite themes – global conspiracy. The protagonist is a former British mercenary in his quest to unravel the most sinister secret of the international government, which also happens to threaten his own life.

Since visual delight is not the only addiction factor, a good story is always the main factor that gets players addicted, and Deus Ex action RPG boasts of nice twists and turns in its story, where each action you take has a consequence to face. In your search for truth, you will visit different real world locations, from megalopolis Moscow to the impoverished Panama. Overall, the sooth controls, immersive combat, atmospheric soundtrack and a variety of skills you will master make Deus Ex a superb mobile experience worth its price.

Fates Forever [iOS]
By Hammer & Chisel In. Genre: MOBA
Price: Free, IAPs

If you loved League of Legends, you will most likely love Fates Forever. Even though the two are similar, Fates Forever features stunning Unity-powered 2D and 3D visuals – colorful, deep and vibrant while the character design is unique. With the engrossing gameplay comes an awesome cinematic soundtrack and a professional voiceover for each character.

Players can choose between eight fantastic characters and begin fighting even before their buildings have been finished. There is plenty of action packed content as your team fights enemy team to destroy the enemy tower. In terms of gameplay, Fates Forever is a standard MOBA tower defense, with enemy lines, turrets and bases to destroy, or protect yours. The game mechanics may not be unique, but well balanced and make for a very smooth and enjoyable gameplay experience. The controls system allows you to implement whatever gestures you like to battle while there are no timers since you play with your team mates in real time. Once you get hooked, you will enjoy customizing your hero besides battling, and Fates Forever offers character items and relics to boost your hero’s capabilities.

Hopefully, it comes to Android sooner than later.

Assassin’s Creed – Identity [iOS]
By Ubisoft. Genre: RPG
Price: Free, iAPs

Another surprisingly free title, ASSASSIN’S CREED IDENTITY lets players create and customize their own assassins and play in one of the most beautiful eras of the Italian Renaissance. Tap to move and dual virtual stick controls are smooth and make gameplay a bliss while each session is short and intense – perfect for players with short attention spans, or anyone on the go.

Each session is randomly generated for 16 mission types, so it’s never the same gameplay. There is plenty of unlockable goodies and locations, as well as some historic insight on characters and monuments of the Italian Renaissance.

It is a shame the game is available for iOS only, at least for now, because it’s a technically superb game of console quality for mobile. You can choose between three hero classes, each with unique qualities, experiment with each and define what suits you best. Customization of characters is another area where many players enjoy hanging out, trying various outfits, loot and colors. You will craft your own unique items, join or hire your friends to complete missions and evolve your two different assassins.

Since we talk about Unity, this game has taken full advantage of the engine, introducing custom-made HD graphics, awesome models, shaders and transitions between night, day and weather details.

République [Android, iOS]
By Camouflaj LLC. Genre: Adventure
Price: $4.99

Consisting of five episodes, three of which are already available, République is a dystopian tale wrapped in a stealth-action gameplay that contemplates on realities and dangers of state surveillance in modern age. To say the game looks sharp and dazzling is to say too little because République is so much more than grand looks. The third episode features stunning environments, but truth be told, the first two were jaw-dropping, too.

If you are into stealth exploration, detective stories, and adventure with a little bit of point and click elements here and there, you are in for a treat. République is a heavy download, though, while each episode needs to be purchased separately from the game, but season passes are also available, so you can pay once for all episodes, even the remaining two, which have not been released, yet.

Besides intriguing and absorbing puzzles, the game features a peculiar control system, where you don’t guide your hero, but help her out by disabling security systems and hinting at where to go. The full voiceover by industry’s professionals is truly impressive, but it’s the story that stays with you for good, and you’ll be waiting for the next episodes. The third has been proclaimed the most story-rich so far, and the newly implemented features include 3D map, ARC Prizrak guard with protective armor, and OMNI abilities that allow you to see the guards through walls.

First Strike 1.1 [Android, iOS]
Feinheit kreativ studio GmbH. Genre: Strategy
Price: $3.99

First Strike is all about nations nuking down one another, and despite the game’s grim nature, it is fast-paced, engrossing and a visual knock-out. I would go as far as saying it is one of the best releases of the year, and what I like most is it has a message to it, but it is nonetheless a very fun and addicting game. Of course, Unity engine allowed developers exploit their graphic talents to the full extent, and First Strike is a graphic mobile masterpiece.

You are in charge of a nuclear nation, and it is up to you how the things in world evolve from the moment you step into the leader’s shoes. You can evolve science, or expand your territory, make allies and monitor enemy activity, but ultimately the game is about launching a nuclear attack on the enemy state. For this, you have a stellar arsenal of weapons and super-weapons. TSAR, Stealth bombers, nuclear bombs evolved and enhanced so that you can be the first to launch that strike. It is both creepy and fun, and hopefully will make someone appreciate peace.

Unpossible [Android, iOS]
By Acceleroto. Genre: Racing
Price: $1.99

Unpossible is my favorite reflex testing game, and honestly, if it weren’t for the stellar design, I doubt it would have gained as much fame as it actually did. I mean the mechanics is fine, but it’s a classical twitch game that has you frantically tapping left and right as you race along a tube. But it’s the Unity-powered Tron-inspired, or so it seems, graphics that take the reflex game to a whole new level of quality, fun and addiction.

Unpossible has you driving along a round tube that seems to be magnetic because you can drive your feet up and still not fall. The catch here is the tube is stuffed with knives and hammers of ominously huge sizes, so you don’t survive hitting them. The game features three difficulty levels, each unlockable once you hit a certain time requirement in the previous, and an additional Cruise mode for chilling. You can play it, or you can simply put your device against the wall and enjoy the soundtrack and dazzling graphics. Unpossible is a visual treat and a test to your nerves and reflexes. It’s one of the best games in terms of price – value ratio, so get it – you won’t regret.

Monument Valley [Android, iOS]
By ustwo. Genre: Puzzle
Price: $3.99

Brilliant in every aspect, Monumet Valley is original, engrossing, mysterious, but in the first place, it is a visual work of art. Set in a fantasy world of weird architecture, Monument Valley tasks you with guiding a silent fairy princess through a surreal world of geometry , as you protect her from the ominous Crow People.

Monument Valley is one of the best manifestations of how infinite a mobile game developer’s imagination is, and every new day brings a plethora of great new names to the pantheon of games. You wouldn’t think impossible geometry is a thing at all until you play Monument Valley, with its optical illusions, hidden paths and mysterious buildings. Even though its 3D design is minimalist, it is also ingenious, featuring warm pastel colors hand-crafted imagery that translate into an absorbing world living its own life in the palm of your hand.

The Silent Age [Android, iOS]
By House on Fire. Genre: adventure
Price: Free, $5 per episode 2

I missed the release of the first episode, but caught up with the Silent Age with the launch of the second and final chapter, and I am totally engrossed. It is a story-driven escape-room kind of game with a bit static style of an interactive gamebook, and the design is truly spectacular here.

Silent Age is incredibly atmospheric, and once you know the premise you start relating to the protagonist. Believe me – once you play episode one, you won’t be able to ignore episode two. Our main character here is Joe, a janitor in a state building, leading a very boring life that is slowly frying his brains, making him dull and dumb. One day, Joe meets a time traveler who changes his life. He only tells Joe about an imminent apocalypse and explains in a few words how his time traveling gizmo works before dying. Now, Joe is the only person with 7 billion lives’ worth of information, and no clue about how to handle it. You will guide him through a series of point-and-click locations, and I must admit I kept making screenshots for the sake of the art alone.

A great job on the puzzles and a really engrossing story, too, so Silent Age  is one of the best Unity-built games by right. Oh, and don’t forget to put on your headphones.

Eminence: Xander’s Tales [demo]
By Aeterna Studio Genre: CCG
Price:Free, iAPs

I already covered Eminence, and kept track of its Kickstarter campaign with my fingers crossed because after playing the demo I want to be able to have the full experience on my tab. To think of it, CCG is nothing new, but Aeterna’s take on it suggests plenty of content, a compelling story to follow (something that I am missing in the recently released Outcast Odyssey) and design that will have you marvel at its beauty for hours.

Set in a fantasy world that is very ancient, Xander’s Tales narrates the story of a good wizard Xander on his quest to save his world from an imminent Super Nova of their old sun. The world of Eminence has been submerged in wars and hostility while the ancient knowledge of relics, artifacts and science that could save the sun and the planet have been lost. So, Xander embarks on an adventure of a lifetime, but it is not going to be easy since he is confronted by evil foes who want the relics for their own sinister purposes.

I love how the game mixes several design styles – one for cards, one for the environment, and one for the characters. You will be able to customize them to your heart’s content, create guilds, trade and craft cards, and most importantly engage in card battles with unusual, but nonetheless interesting rules that will have you thinking mathematically and strategically. Scheduled for release in 2015, Eminence: Xander’s Tales is currently available as a playable demo that includes card battling part only.

Honorable Mentions

  • Legion of Heroes [Android]
    By NEXON M Inc.  Genre: Role Playing
    Price: Free, IAPs
  • SHADOWGUN: DeadZone [Android, iOS]
    By MADFINGER Games. Genre: Arcade
  • Hitman GO [Android, iOS] + Hitman Sniper to be released soon
    By SQUARE ENIX Ltd. Genre: Puzzle
    $1.99, IAPs
  • Hyper Square [Android TBA, iOS, WP]
    By TEAM SIGNAL, LLC. Genre: twitch
    Price: $1.99
  • Shattered Planet (RPG) [Android, iOS]
    By Execution Labs. Genre: Role Playing
    Free, IAPs
  • The Room Two [Android, iOS]
    By Fireproof Games. Genre: Puzzle
    Price: $2.99

Of course, it is a purely subjective list, and Unity-built games deserve a special weekly column to start covering them all, so feel free to share your personal charts in the comments below, or join a conversation in our Forums.