Top 4 ChatGPT Desktop Apps for Mac

ChatGPT is continuously being integrated more and more in our daily tasks, and we’ve reached a point where most users will use it daily for various tasks. And while ChatGPT got a nice upgrade with its 4th version, desktop apps have started appearing using its API, for ease of use. Mac OS is no exception, and we’ve compiled a list of, what we think are the best ChatGPT desktop apps for your Mac.

The Best ChatGPT Apps for Mac

swiftGPT (free)

SwiftGPT is an incredibly user-friendly and intuitive application designed to empower users to harness their OpenAI API key for a seamless and streamlined integration experience with ChatGPT, all from the convenience of their Mac desktop environment. True to its moniker, this cutting-edge client is ingeniously engineered to feel like a native extension of your operating system, providing an unparalleled user experience.

One of the standout aspects we appreciate about SwiftGPT is its remarkable capability to facilitate effortless expense tracking. By diligently monitoring total and individual conversation costs, this innovative tool ensures that users can keep a keen eye on their budgetary constraints, preventing any unwelcome surprises. In addition, SwiftGPT boasts an array of practical features, such as an easily accessible conversation history and the much sought-after dark mode support, further enhancing its overall utility and appeal.

IntelliBar (beta)

IntelliBar is a highly adaptable ChatGPT desktop application carefully designed to optimize and enhance user experience through its quick completions and an innate user interface. This ingenious app places a strong emphasis on the utilization of keyboard shortcuts, providing you with a user experience that is both efficient and streamlined. For instance, effortlessly search through your previous chats with a direct ⌘ + O command or swiftly locate specific words within the ongoing chat using the ⌘ + F command to highlight some examples.

In addition to its impressive functionality, IntelliBar takes special care to cater to the needs of users seeking coding-related assistance. Boasting code highlighting capabilities for any programming language, the app ensures that coding-related responses are consistently presented in a clear and easily understandable format, further elevating the overall user experience.

MacGPT (free)

MacGPT is a top-notch option for Mac enthusiasts searching for a smooth, intuitive, and user-friendly ChatGPT experience. With this great app at your disposal, use a convenient shortcut to summon a MacGPT pop-up window whenever you need to pose a question to ChatGPT. Alternatively, the app can be configured to effortlessly output responses directly into any designated text field, eliminating the tedious process of copying and pasting.

To further amplify its accessibility, MacGPT has been thoughtfully designed to reside within the Menu Bar, ensuring it remains readily available and always at your fingertips. Moreover, for those who prefer to stay connected on the go, there is a mobile counterpart for iOS devices called GeePeeTee. This versatile app is specifically tailored for iPhone and iPad users, further boosting your productivity.

QuickGPT (free)

QuickGPT is an unpretentious website wrapper centered around ChatGPT, skillfully designed to emulate the official ChatGPT web interface’s appearance and functionality – which explains its absence from the App Store. Despite its simplicity, QuickGPT offers distinct advantages over the official web interface, such as its accessibility directly from the menu bar, dock, or through a convenient keyboard shortcut.

While this Mac ChatGPT app may not boast an extensive array of additional features, it does excel in one aspect worth emphasizing: the ability to share conversations with others. This unique capability sets QuickGPT apart, enabling users to easily collaborate and exchange ideas with their peers, adding an extra layer of value to the overall user experience.

While it’s always nice to have a dedicated desktop app for ChatGPT, you have to be aware there are a lot of shady ChatGPT apps in the Mac Store, and the browser version of ChatGPT is always easy to use, even if you have to keep a tab open for it. However, the apps we presented today were tested by us and are safe, with some extra features that you might enjoy.