Top 4 free period tracker apps for Android and iOS

Android Woman

Keeping track of periods is nothing new really since women have been doing it forever probably. Thing is, it has never been easier to track them because you can now install very effective apps on your mobile devices that come equipped with tons of features. Although some manual input of information is still needed, these apps can help you track your period, the days when you are most fertile and a lot more all in one single package.

I will be detailing four apps and what they can do for you. I will also try to keep things interesting by providing you not only with the best apps currently on offer for both operating systems but also the most diverse so hopefully most women can find an app they like in here.

MonthPal (AKA 123 Period Tracker) Android , iOS

Month Pal

We will start off our list with a simple and minimalistic app. MonthPal provides basic features like period and fertility notifications in a very neat interface that is super clean and easy to read. You will also get automatic predictions of your period, ovulation and fertility which are all “excellent for activity planning” as the creators of the app put it. A simple look at the interface will tell you everything you need to know about your period’s progress and that is what most users will be looking for anyway.

My Cycles Android , iOS

My Cycles

This is a period tracker that is mostly based around user input. It is also very focused on the women who are actively trying to conceive so the app will require some time investment in order to operate at maximum efficiency. To monitor your periods and their progress, the app asks you to input a variety of information for each day like changes in mood, symptoms, any drugs and treatments you might be undertaking, weight changes and more.

All this information is mostly used to predict your most fertile days. The data is even accessible through a dedicated website as it is backed up online in your account. The interface is very clean and there is almost no learning curve involved in learning to navigate the various aspects of the application. You even get a legend that explains all the various icons on the calendar so you are never confused about what is what.

Fertility Friend Android , iOS

Fertility Friend

This is one of the most advanced applications in this list. While you may have already guessed that the application’s first focus is conceiving, it is not its only important goal. As the developer notes, the app is also aimed at enabling women to better understand their periods and to improve their health through better monitoring and less stress.

There is full integration with the website and for good reason. Everything you input in this app will be monitored, analyzed and presented to you in a variety of ways. Charts, statistics and trackers for your period, fertility, ovulation and weight are all there for you to read and enjoy in order to better educate yourself. There is even a widget that can be used to create your own graphical ticker for those days where you cannot do without quick glances at the app.

Pink Pad Android , iOS

Pink Pad

For our last app on the list, we will be looking at something a tiny bit different than the rest of them. Pink Pad offers all the usual period tracking features but puts major emphasis in creating a community. It acts as a forum where you can post about various topics that are not just limited to Health but go beyond and above it. As the creators put it, it is the “largest trying-to-conceive mobile community” worldwide.

It is also fairly rich feature wise although the free version of this app is limited to tracking your period and not your fertility or anything else. Still, you can monitor mood swings, symptoms, weight and temperature easily. It also has a homescreen Android widget that counts down to your next period which is on a love-hate relationship with the community.