Top 5 Best Bots for Twitch

The experience of growing your Twitch channel can be immensely gratifying. However, as your viewership continues to climb, it is quite possible, and even likely, that managing your channel may become increasingly challenging.

To address this issue, skilled developers created Twitch bots, to enhance Twitch streams. Consequently, it wasn’t long before the market became saturated with similar products.

In light of this, selecting the most suitable Twitch bot for your channel can be daunting, particularly if you lack the time or resources to evaluate each bot individually through hands-on testing. You have to consider various features such as Discord integration, polls, donations, giveaways and many other features.

Here are the best bots for Twitch, ranked by popularity and usage among streamers.


Nightbot is probably the most popular Twitch bot among top streamers and with good reason.

NIghtbot provides an intuitive dashboard with extensive customization options, spam filters, chat commands, and more.

However, Nightbot’s vast array of features and customization options are not the sole factors contributing to its widespread adoption across various streaming platforms.

One of the primary reasons Nightbot is a popular choice among novice streamers and those experimenting with a bot for the first time is its ease of setup.

Furthermore, Nightbot is a cloud-hosted bot, which means you can swiftly get it up and running without downloading any files to your computer. This is particularly beneficial if you are new to using Twitch bots and want a quick and hassle-free experience. If the bot does not meet your expectations, this download-free approach allows you to transition to another option without spending time deleting files from your computer.

Streamlabs Cloudbot

Constructed and promoted as the ultimate chatbot for both Twitch and YouTube, Streamlabs Cloudbot has gained considerable recognition in the market, primarily due to the Streamlabs live streaming and recording software developed by the same organization.

This bot is renowned for its user-friendly nature, extensive community backing, and robust development team that ensures it stays current with the newest trends and features.

However, it’s worth mentioning that in order to access additional features like overlays, multistream, and sponsorships, you’ll need to participate in the Streamlabs Prime Program, which may not appeal to some users.

When it comes to setting up the bot itself, there are a few tasks you need to complete, but the overall process is fairly uncomplicated. Fortunately, helpful videos, such as the one mentioned below, can guide you step-by-step through the entire setup process with ease.

If the prospect of incorporating unique stream features appeals to you and you believe they will enhance the overall enjoyment of your stream, investing the time to configure the Streamlabs Cloudbot is undoubtedly worthwhile.

Given the bot’s existing popularity within the streaming community, you will have no difficulty locating video resources, tutorials, and text-based guides that assist you in setting up various features. This wealth of resources makes Streamlabs Cloudbot an excellent option for novice and seasoned streamers.

It’s important to note that, as a relatively recent addition to the market compared to competitors like Moobot and Nightbot, Streamlabs Cloudbot still has much to prove to become the community’s top choice. Consequently, you may often encounter users who recommend alternative options.

Nevertheless, from an objective standpoint, Streamlabs Cloudbot is a robust offering. If you already use Streamlabs as your preferred broadcasting software, integrating a Twitch bot developed by the same company is likely an appealing option.


Moobot is another widely sought-after option for individuals seeking to automate moderation and integrate custom commands into their Twitch channel.

Designed with user-friendliness in mind and equipped with a hassle-free, registration-free login system, Moobot ranks among the top bots for Twitch.

But Moobot’s capabilities extend far beyond that of a typical chatbot. It also enables you to organize giveaways effortlessly, initiate polls, schedule and repeat posts during your broadcast, allow viewers to request and play songs, and much more. This diverse range of features makes Moobot an attractive and versatile choice for streamers.

Moobot includes built-in support for some of the most prevalent computer programs utilized in the gaming space, like Discord. Furthermore, it offers game support for numerous popular titles, encompassing games such as League of Legends, Valorant, Apex Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and several others. This compatibility with widely-used programs and games makes Moobot an even more appealing choice for streamers.

In summary, Moobot is a highly-functional, helpful, and cost-free solution that can potentially elevate your streaming experience to new heights. Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that Moobot is a community-funded project that prioritizes user experience by refraining from inundating users with ads or scams and does not monetize user data for profit. This ethical approach to operations makes Moobot an even more attractive option for streamers.

OWN3D Pro Chatbot

If you’ve been involved in the streaming world for a while, you’ve likely come across OWN3D, a website dedicated to assisting streamers with various aspects such as overlays, emotes, sounds, and more.

OWN3D has also developed a chatbot that ranks among the best bots for Twitch, and we wholeheartedly endorse it for anyone aspiring to be a successful Twitch streamer. The chatbot is part of the OWN3D Pro program, essentially an all-in-one solution designed to help elevate your stream to new heights.

The OWN3D Pro Chatbot comes fully equipped with all the essential features a broadcaster would require to replace human moderators and reduce costs. These features include caps-lock protection, a profanity filter, link protection, banned word restriction, and much more, ensuring a well-managed and streamlined streaming experience. Here’s a nice video explaining the Chatbot, its features, and setup:

Overall, OWN3D Pro Chatbot is a pretty nice Twitch bot packed with features which makes use of their complete Twitch suite developed by OWN3D.

StreamElements Bot

StreamElements is a company that’s a bit newer in the streaming space, but it gained a large community for its service, demonstrating they are a strong player in the space.

StreamElements offers an array of fantastic modules and entertaining features. Among the numerous games available for play are bingo and roulette, adding a fun dimension to your streaming experience. You can even integrate tweets from specific Twitter accounts into your chat, potentially as a unique perk for high-tier subscribers.

The platform’s automatic ranking boards encourage viewer competition and donations. Giveaway features and specific commands allow for on-screen interactions, and various chat commands are available to enhance viewer engagement. Donations are just one-way streamers can monetize their channels using StreamElements.

Here’s a very informative video on StreamElements Bot:

Compatible with all platforms, the bot’s loyalty system incentivizes viewers to engage more actively with your broadcast. StreamElements is run on its server, eliminating the need for downloading and saving space on your computer. This comprehensive suite of features makes StreamElements a valuable addition to any streamer’s toolkit.

If you’re thinking of starting a Twitch career, these are the bots we think are the most powerful, and it’s worth looking into each one of them to see if they fit your style and budget.