Top 5 Dungeon Crawlers for iOS

Everybody enjoys a good dungeon crawler, so I took the liberty of compiling a list of my five favorites to play on iOS. All five of these games are great, and each offer different elements of gameplay that make them unique, so there’s no particular order. The games on this list are mostly free, with the exception of in-app purchases being offered frequently.

ORC: Vengeance – $4.99

If this list was ordered, there’s no doubt in my mind ORC: Vengeance would be a contender for the top spot. This game offers some fantastic graphics, with a great story line that keeps you interested and wanting to find out what happens next — instead of just wanting to upgrade your next piece of gear. There’s a wide variety of monsters to fight, scenery to enjoy, and abilities to unleash. ORC plays very smoothly, and overall provides an enjoyable experience throughout it’s entirety.


Unfortunately there are in-app purchases in addition to the five dollars you’ll spend to download the game, but it’s quite easy to play the game without making any of these purchases — I say that about free games for the most part too, but it’s even more-so true with ORC. The game has been out for over a year now, which has given the developers plenty of time to fix the bugs and compatibility issues that initially plagued the game. Multiple difficulty levels and hours of game-play await!

Eternity Warriors 3 – FREE!

The most recent game on this list is EW3, and one that I’ve been spending a lot of time playing lately. You can get this for free on the app store, but the in-app purchases can be tempting when you start buying gems for offerings. Three different playable classes give this game a ton of replay-ability, not to mention both a normal mode and hard mode for each of the 30+ levels.


Farming items and reagents is a major part of this game, so if that doesn’t sound like your thing, you may want to avoid Eternity Warriors 3. However, I’d imagine you can get past it if you like fast-paced, addictive, and intense combat, you’d realize the farming is enjoyable and quite rewarding. There’s also an Endless Mode for you to test your survival skills when you get bored of the campaign, and you can get score some pretty awesome rewards for climbing higher up the ladder.

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Archangel – $1.99

Unfortunately this game has had a lot of issues with compatibility and crashes, but if you can get it working, you’ll be glad you did. Archangel has some beautiful graphics, a great plot, and plenty of content to explore. This game is definitely reminiscent of the Diablo series, so if you’re a fan of those games, you need to check this one out.


In-app purchases are the same as ORC, you can buy gold, but you really don’t need to unless you want to breeze through the game with no difficulty. The $1.99 price tag is worth it, just as long as the game doesn’t crash on you — don’t worry, you can download a 15 minute trial of the game before buying it, and this is pretty much only to find out if the game is going to work or not (you can’t get very far in 15 minutes).

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Dungeon Hunter 4 – FREE!

A well-known dungeon crawler series for iOS, appropriately titled Dungeon Hunter, recently came out with their fourth installment of the game. It’s clear the people behind the scenes have consistently improved upon their previous efforts, and now that they’re on the fourth one, they’ve managed to create an even more fantastic game than the third (which could have easily made this list, but it’s a bit redundant to have two games in the same series).


Dungeon Hunter 4 has plenty of levels to play through, and like Eternity Warriors 3, it also has a normal and hardcore mode to extend the amount of time you can play through a level while still feeling challenged. There’s a variety of in-app purchases, and since it’s a free to download game, they make them a bit more enticing than paid games.

Dark Avenger – FREE!

Out of these five titles, Dark Avenger is definitely the most unique, and the best choice for anyone who is seeking a multi-player dungeon crawler. This game offers awesome co-op battles with your friends, where you can all work together to take down epic bosses to score epic loot. Beyond that, there’s also PvP, so if you’d rather fight against your friends instead of alongside them, you’re welcome to do so.


While the graphics aren’t the best, the game-play and variety of things to do is enough to make this one of the best dungeon crawlers on the market. Gems are available to purchase from the store, and when you get involved with PvP, they get ever-so tempting when you want to dominate the arena.

Have you played any of these games? Got a suggestion for something that should have made the list? Post your comments below!