Top 50 Android Games of 2014

Clipboard-1Monument Valley By ustwo $3.99

Monument Valley is an international phenomenon, and it is with great delight that we name it the number one of 2014. Set in a beautiful kingdom of impossible architecture and optical illusions, the game tasks you with helping a charming little princess walk through a beautiful maze of geometry and escape the suspiciously sinister crow people. The game has become widely popular among such a varied and large audience, it was a surprise for the developers themselves, and almost immediately users started asking for more levels. Recently, Ustwo released a new pack dubbed Forgotten Shores, once again wowing us with the beauty and genius of this brain-boosting game.

Valiant HeartsValiant Hearts: The Great War by By Ubisoft Entertainment $19.99 and $5.99

It is a pleasure to see more gamebooks taking place in the top lists for the past year, and Valiant Hearts: The Great War is on everyone’s list, except for Google Play itself. A touching story of a German soldier evolves during the times of the Word War I, in the trenches of Europe. You will play as one of the four playable characters as you try to help the protagonist re-unite with his beloved. Your loyal dog Walt is always a rescue and support while you play and explore the interesting details about the Western front, and Battle of Somme and Marne.

Threes!Threes! By Sirvo llc, $1.99

Fun, silly, smart and dangerously addicting, Threes became the go-to time killer for millions of players who like numbers and seemingly simple mathematics. It takes about a minute to get the hang of, and then a few hours to get off the hook, but you don’t get off the hook – your battery gets low. This happens every time you tap on the Threes! icon, and start bashing out numbers so that they form multiples of three and get off the grid. It’s really fun, and we love that it’s not a freemium title with draining IAPs. Developers should do premium more often. Without a doubt, simplest of things are the best, and Threes is in our top 10 list.

Clipboard-8Minecraft – Pocket Edition By Mojang US$6.99

There is no doubt Minecraft is a leader, even though it’s a veteran, and let me tell you why. First, it is a surprisingly smooth mobile experience, taking into account its sheer weight and amount of content. The developer of the original desktop version gave this mobile port all the time and effort to make it work properly. Second, the very gameplay is a stark contrast to many other titles because Minecraft does develop your creativity and a few dozen other skills, without encouraging destructive behavior. Third, no other game has managed to truly compete with it. On its pantheon, Minecraft shines alone, and the benchmark it set will keep challenging developers in the next year, too.

Clipboard-2Leo’s Fortune By 1337 & Senri LLC
PocketMeta review

There is no doubt, Leo’s Fortune must be in top 10 games of 2014. Even though its gameplay, where you scroll through various settings of maze collecting golden coins, is simple, it is its story-driven adventure, narration, message and visual glam that make it a hit. Leo is a cute fur ball with definitive Russian roots. He is happily married and very rich, and lives a life of peace and joy until one day his gold is stolen. He suspects his relatives one by one, and endeavors on a journey to reclaim his fortune, but what would be his main gain at the end of the day? Find out when you beat the game.

The Room TwoThe Room Two by Fireproof Studios, $2.99

Room 2 has become the classics of point and click adventure puzzles, with its highly atmospheric gameplay and a sophisticated fiction blended into the sinister environment. Best played in the dark, with your headphones on, Room 2 looks gorgeous and offers large environments to explore and numerous interactive areas and items. Most importantly, its catchy style will have you pondering its puzzles even when you are not playing, which is always a sign of a top notch game.

Wayward SoulsWayward Souls by Noodlecake Studios, $1.99
Pocketmeta Review

Wayward Souls wins over affection even of those who could not care less for pixel styled games, but its take on classic arcade and dungeon crawler genre makes it an inevitable winner in the niche this year. The game is sinister, atmospheric and beautiful in the best sense of the retro design. It is also very hard, which does not make it any less addictive. Inhabited by ghosts, ghouls and zombies, this creepy dungeon will keep you coming back for more while a selection of six heroes will let you explore different combat styles. Without a shadow of a doubt, as far as 16-bit dungeon crawlers are concerned, Wayward Souls is the best this year.

Clipboard-7Botanicula By Amanita Design $4.99

You must be familiar with Amanita Design for its previous release Machinarium, which became the classic of the pick and play genre. Botanicula comes with the same peculiar charm, but this time, you will be playing with little critters on a rescue mission to save the last seed of their home tree from a pesky parasite. A charming and funny story, Botanicula looks gorgeous and provides over 150 challenging levels and a compelling story meant to touch your heart. A great puzzler for entire families.

Hearthstone featHearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft by Blizzard, Freemium
PocketMeta Review

Blizzard took their time releasing Hearthstone for Android, and with less than a week of its Google Play launch, it is a hit already, and everybody is naming it one of the best releases of the year, so we couldn’t omit it. The game’s seeming simplicity, beautiful bright design and tons of cards make it super-fun and addicting, so Hearthstone has managed to evolve into a sub-culture of its own, with live tournaments and events. It is a go-to game for the fans of card collecting and card battling games, with hundreds of additional packs players use to craft their powerful decks. If you haven’t tried it, yet, go ahead – it’s free and features your favorite Warcraft heroes Thrall, Uther, Gul’dan and others.

Clipboard-15The Banner Saga By Versus Evil $4.99

If you after substance and depth, count in Banner Saga, which is on everyone’s list for top games this year. The game seeks its inspiration from the glorious mythology, fables and tales of the long-gone Vikings, and puts that essence in the tactical RPG, where you have control over 25 characters of 7 classes battling for your dominance. The setting is beautifully handcrafted, and it is the art work that makes half the success. The other half is the way your decisions, in the battle and outside it, affect how the story evolves. The best part is the player sets the pace.<!––nextpage––>

GTA San AndreasGTA: San Andreas by Rockstar Games $6.99

What can I say, Rockstar took the entire console GTA San Andreas and put it on mobile. So, chances are if you play the console game, you will find everything, except controls, quite familiar to the extent the gameplay experience does not differ much but for the screen size. It is a very decent port and the game performs as smoothly as a mobile game of this grandeur can run. Other than that, you do know what Grand Theft Auto stands for, right? Hi-res graphics, open-world exploration of San Andreas state cities Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas, and a story line full of crime, passion and fast cars – one for the boys.

modern-combat-5-blackout-screenshot-06Modern Combat 5: Blackout by Gameloft Action Price: $6.99
PocketMeta review

Gameloft’s Modern Combat is another game on our list that does not deal with anything that is cute, sweet or zen. It is about big, strong men with big, powerful guns shooting one another in gorgeously looking 3D. Modern Combat 5 is one of Gameloft’s latest tributes to console first-person shooter franchise, where you go on a killing spree by yourself or in the multiplayer assaults. It is also a pleasure to see a game from Gameloft that is not a IAP-stuffed freemium, but an adult premium title that does not bug you for coin around every corner.

Wolf among usThe Wolf Among Us by Telltale Games, Freemium – $14.99 for all episodes

Telltale is renowned for first-class adventure gamebooks that have many episodes, and the Wolf Among Us is their latest release that hit the Play store last month, generating waves of affection from hardcore players. Why hardcore? For one, because the full experience will set you off $15; also, because despite its seeming fairytale-like appearance and premise, the game is abundant in violence and mature content. So, big boys and girls seem to really love this interactive story, where you control a big wolf as he chases a murderer through the bloody streets of a fabled town. It also stands out for the way user choices affect the outcome, and things like what you choose and when you choose it will shape which characters live and which die in the next chapter. A bit on the expensive side, yes, but it’s worth it.

80days80 Days by inkle, $4.99

The best adventure gamebook this year, 80 Days takes you to the era when you had the time to dream and read Jules Vernes. The gambook elaborates on the much-loved story of an English professor traveling around the world with his loyal butler Passepartout, as they try to win the bet and finish the world trip in 80 days. One of the most enjoyable experiences playing on mobile, 80 Days also sets the quality benchmark.

Clipboard-5Thomas Was Alone By Bossa Studios Ltd $5.99

Always a pleasure to include an indie title on the top list of the year, even though Bossa is not a newbie. When this major Ps3, Vita and PC game made it to Android, crossing the final divide, this existential “platformer” won the hearts of those who haven’t played it on other platforms. You could say it’s a platformer, but truth is, Thomas Was Alone is a proof developers don’t need to be a King to create a compelling game with a mystery, heart and a message that reaches its audience. Its odd, minimalist, yet fascinating world of abstraction and allusions hooks you with immersive puzzles and emotional triggers that make for a sophisticated and unique experience. A masterpiece with a soul, Thomas Was Alone is an unquestionable hit this year. Great narration, too.

XCOM Enemy WithinXCOM®: Enemy Within By 2K Games, Inc. $13.99

Strategy fans might agree that XCOM®: Enemy Within was one of the best releases of the year, with all its perks and new content – a multiplayer mode, new soldier types, enemies, maps and missions, and of course, loads of bloody combat.


dumb ways to dieDumb Ways to Die by Metro Trains, Free

A rare exception on this list, as well as on Google Play, Dumb Ways to Die is a completely free game, no IAPs. It was designed to educate users of all ages how dangerous subway trains are, and that you should under no circumstances stand too close to the rails. The game does so in a hilarious and most charming way. It consists of a series of quick mini games that will test your reflexes and quick thinking as you save the cute little critters from imminent death. Blood and death aren’t explicit here, so even children can play it and discover why you shouldn’t poke a bear, swim with piranhas, or eat a two-week old sandwich and poke your toast with a metal fork while it;s still inside the toaster. Awesome soundtrack, too.

Hitman GoHitman GO by SQUARE ENIX Ltd Puzzle Price: $4.99

Hitman GO was an unusual take on the classic console third-person shooter because it turned out to be a puzzler, and the first time I heard of it I felt disheartened. Despite some apprehension for the genre, Hitman GO takes a solid place in our top list of Android games of 2014 thanks to its undeniable virtues – peculiar Hitman atmosphere, brilliant graphics, awesome stealth gameplay. As usual, your aim is to assassinate some very important crooks by either taking them out from afar, or by infiltrating their locations. The puzzles are meticulously crafted and very interesting to fiddle with, as you work out a strategy to take out the enemy. One of the last updated brought a Saint Petersburg mission, where Hitman’s sophisticated minimalism shines again.

Clipboard-9BombSquad By Eric Froemling Freemium
PocketMeta Review

Here at PocketMeta, we dubbed BombSquad as the best release of September, and judging by the more than warm welcome of Android community, this game totally deserves a spot on our list. Designed specifically as a multiplayer collection of hilarious and highly competitive games, BombSquad turned out to be super-fun for players who go solo, too. The multiplayer mode allows for up to 8 players participating simultaneously in a single game, kicking, running, smashing and blasting one another, or scoring points in soccer or ice hockey. Everything about BombSquad is great – visuals, customizable soundtrack, OUYA or local WiFi support, Android Connect or via network. As far as hilarious party gaming for mobile is concerned, BombSquad is the best.

Broken SwordBroken Sword 5: Episode 2 by Revolution Software ltd Adventure Price: $7.39

Of course, episode 2 of Broken Sword 5 is of value to those who have been following and playing all the previous episodes and know the value of a good adventure, thrilling detective story and a quality premium game. The game is story-driven, brilliant in its 2D design, ingenious in its intriguing puzzles, highly polished in user experience and engrossing in its story, where the two main characters are already well-known by the fans of the series. Enigmatic and compelling, it will keep you thinking about it even when you’ve solved the mystery.

world of tanks blitzWorld of Tanks Blitz by Wargaming SEA, Freemium
PocketMeta Coverage

World of Tanks Blitz by Wargaming just recently crossed the great divide into Android, but as far as tank sims are concerned, every other game just tries to be at least nearly as good as WoT, so it is safe to put it on the list of the best Android games of the year. WoT Blitz features over a hundred tanks of the Word War II era, from Soviet Union, Great Britain, the United Stated and Germany. The vehicles are of four different classes from light to tank destroyers; controls are smooth and the action is so engrossing, you will know all tank types in no time. World of Tanks Blitz is one of the best releases this winter.<!––nextpage––>

First Strike 1.1 2First Strike by Blindflug Studio, $3.99
PocketMeta review

First Strike never seizes to impress, and with the recent escalation of Geo-political tensions in the Ukraine, Russia, Israel andUSA – North Korea, the game tends to accumulate that eerie atmosphere of a doom that is closer than we think, unless we stop the madness and “make love, not war.” Ever since its launch, First Strike became one of the best apocalypse games thanks to its blood-chilling, yet sober realism, dazzling graphics, atmospheric soundtrack and an arsenal of weapons even Pres. Obama can envy. All the playable weapons in First Strike are models of the real active or prototype weapons used, or kept for a special occasion, by different states. A few weeks ago, First Strike got a major update, bringing even more superpower to the already intoxicating game of destruction.

Kingdom Rush OriginsKingdom Rush Origins By Ironhide Game Studio $2.99

This one does not need an introduction, nor a justification as to why it is even on the list after a week of its release. It is simply a prequel to Kingdom Rush, the greatest tower defense game on mobile, and taking into account Origins does not deviate much from its older sibling, but expands and elaborates on the already classic gameplay, it is awesome just because it exists.

TransformersAngry Birds Transformers by Rovio Mobile Ltd. Freemium
PocketMeta review and tips for success.

I don’t know if Rovio had a good financial year, but we sure had a good time playing the games it kept releasing with the persistence one can envy. There was a slew of successful Angry Birds releases and cool updates while Angry Birds Go, Angry Birds Epic and Angry Birds Transformers were honorable deviations from the regular AB gameplay. AB Transformers, despite Rovio’s somewhat annoying take on freemium business model, was by far the best Rovio’s release of the year. Why? Because it’s the closest thing to the original Transformers – fun, addicting and easy to play.

Best FiendsBest Fiends by Seriously, Freemium
PocketMeta Review

The fact that the game was released a few weeks ago does not disqualify it from competition, and as we said in our review, Best Fiends is the best match-three puzzler of the year. Developed by ingenious minds of Seriously, folks who previously worked at Rovio, this fiendishly mischievous match-three puzzle makes you laugh and clap with joy each time you unlock each new character. The game has already generated an impressive fan base, and lots of addicts compete for the top 3 places in the leaderboard.

Heavy Metal Thunder GamebookHeavy Metal Thunder Gamebook by Cubus Games, $0.99
PocketMeta Review

Mobile gamebooks keep getting better and more impressive, and even though 80 Days is undeniable leader, Heavy Metal Thunder has won our long-lasting affection with its gruesome charm and adrenaline infusing action, despite the fact that it makes you read a lot. If open space adventure and a desperate fight for survival of a space marine officer trained to fight aliens that nearly eradicated humanity sounds like your cup of tea, join the club because HMT is our favorite gamebook of the year.

TwoDotsTwoDots by Playdots, Inc. Freemium

Some other websites nominated Dots, but TwoDots being its younger sibling is a true delight of a game. It resides in the match-three, or more, puzzle, and sports a beautiful vintage design and the soundtrack you will want to download. Stylish, hard and addictive, TwoDots is a work of art.

duetDuet by Kumobius, Freemium
PocketMeta review

Impossibly hard, emotionally engaging, Duet is a reflex game, but it comes with a story of two beings traveling through time and space together. They are tied by an invisible connection, and their perfectly coordinated moves can get them through, but it depends on you alone. Interestingly, the game’s stages are named after the 7 stages of grief and loss, which makes the amazing soundtrack by Tim Shiel truly shine in this graphically stylish and engrossing twitch game.

SpidermanSpider-Man Unlimited By Gameloft Free + IAPs
PocketMeta Review

Marvel universe is inhabited by all sorts of creeps and mutants, but Spider-man is one of the most popular, so no wonder this Gameloft’s entry got this much attention from the Spidey multi-million fan club. The game offers fun, fast-paced levels where your Spider-man fights villains one by one and in batches. The further you progress, the more Spideys you unlock alongside alternate reality portals. Awesome cut scenes with great voice-over and impressive battle scenes are only a few virtues of this game. Gameloft updates it regularly, fixing some technical bugs, but most importantly, bringing more Spider-man and now Spider-woman characters Miles Morales and Jessica Drew, outfits, villains and portals. Highly addictive and annoying at times, mainly due to the energy limits, Spidey Unlimited deserves its place in the top 50 of 2014.

Clipboard-3Sky Force 2014 By Infinite Dreams, Freemium

Sky Force 2014 brings gorgeously-looking destruction on your handhelds’ screens. It combines classic arcade shooter with side scroller in a simple to pick up, but incredibly addicting warfare gameplay. Visually impressive 3D graphics multiplied by 10 years experience of Infinite Dreams have given this blasting shooter game a true depth of an AAA title with an amazing electronic soundtrack and a full voiceover. Very addictive.

Clipboard-11Smash Hit By Mediocre Freemium
PocketMeta review

Smash Hit released early in the year, so some of the reviewers must have forgotten about this one, but we don’t need to refresh our memories of this stellar glass smashing hit. It’s a reflex game of a great depth and awesome visuals with an atmospheric soundtrack on top of it. Addictive as hell, Smash Hit has you throwing steel balls at glass and crystal constructions as you float with increasing velocity through environments that blend hi-tech traps and color-coded structures. Beautiful, atmospheric and hard, Smash Hit is a hit, indeed.

Clipboard-12Cut the Rope 2 By ZeptoLab Freemium

Cut the Rope 2 and Time travel was the game millions of users spent millions of hours playing this year, and if you check out ZackScottGames on YouTube, you will see how popular his Cut the Rope gameplay videos are. Om Nom stories and do-it-yourself printables have evolved Cut the Rope into a sub-culture of its own. Most importantly, ZeptoLab keeps updating the games, adding more mind-boggling levels, where puzzles are never the same. We see new cute friendly characters and candy-gobbling critters that challenge Om Nom and boost your gray cells. Way to go, ZeptoLab! Give us some more.<!––nextpage––>

Clipboard-13Paperama By FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG Freemium
PocketMeta review

Paperama is one of the go-to puzzlers for origami fans and anyone looking for a relaxing and brain boosting game. Its seeming simplicity has you hooked and before you know it, you focus on folding that paper as much as you stop thinking about everything else. If you are looking to reset your overloaded, steaming brain, Paperama is a perfect getaway.

Plague Inc (48)Plague Inc. By Freemium
Pocketmeta review

Plague Inc. is still one of the top strategy games and it received a major Planet of the Apes update this year. The game boasts of a devoted gamer community playing and inventing all sorts of wicked scenarios where you can wipe out humanity with the help of viruses and fungi. It is graphically dazzling and easy navigation-wise while its gameplay lets you craft an Armageddon within 15 minutes. The game offers a solid gallery of scenarios, from xenophobia to evolved apes and a number of sci-fi-themed plots that make you feel like you are directing an apocalypse movie of your own. Engrossing and terrifying, Plague Inc has infected millions this year.

Clipboard-16Star Wars: Commander By Disney Free + IAPs
PocketMeta review

Star Wars Commander is one of the best Star Wars-themed releases, and coming from Disney it brings a lot of movie content and characters into a classic Clash of Clans, pardon, tower defense genre. Allowing users to play with their favorite characters and build their bases from scratch to a powerful fort, Commander offers intense attack and defense combat, graphically dazzling design, wonderful voiceover and an engrossing story to play.

Beach Buggy RAcingBeach Buggy Racing by Vector Unit, Freemium
PocketMeta Review

Bright, colorful, hilarious and highly addictive, Beach Buggy Racing features loads of awesome cars, hilarious characters each with their own superpower, challenging races and a spectacular racing gameplay that hooks you right from the start. Its visual supremacy, smooth performance and a gameplay that makes you giggle and weep complement the tons of blasting levels and spectacular daily events that offer enough hours of fun to keep you entertained long-term.

Badland 1Badland by Frogmind, Freemium
PocketMeta review

Badland has become classics, and even though it launched in late-December 2013, it was 2014 that marked its ascension to the top charts of Android games thanks to its eerie art work, engrossing story, charming protagonist and excruciatingly hard, but manageable gameplay. Its sinister charm will keep a firm grasp of your attention from the start, as you help your little hero make it alive through a beautiful, but lethal maze that could have been master-minded by Jigsaw John Kramer himself. It recently celebrated 20 million downloads, so yes, it’s kind of cool.

The Silent AgeThe Silent Age: Episode Two By House on Fire, $5
Pocketmeta Review

A lonesome time traveler, Joe was a mere nobody until Silent Age episode 1 landed on Google Play last year, and within a few days Internet exploded with praise. No wonder when the second and closing part was released this year, it was a long-awaited and welcome event. The second part is even longer and shines with the familiar vintage design, sad black mustache and mind-wrecking puzzles, as you finally wrap up Joe’s time-hopping adventure and unravel the mystery behind the apocalypse that send the entire humankind to non-existence. Slow-paced, but intense, Silent Age Part 2 is a gem among this year’s puzzlers and adventures.

Unpossible 3Unpossible By Acceleroto Racing Price: $1.99
PocketMeta coverage

Unpossible is one of the best reflex-testing endless racers that puts you on a twisting magnetic tube stuffed with metal knives and other kinds of enormous cutlery you need to avoid by tapping left or right. Your velocity is increasing, and you almost have no time to marvel at the beauty of environment and take in the visual supremacy of this Tron-styled black hole that sucks you in before you know it. Several difficulty levels and a special Cruise mode for those who like it zen have made Unpossible a premium game you will never want to delete – it’s unnerving, addicting and beautiful.

Out There featOut There by MiClos, $1.99
PocketMeta Review

Released in February 2014, Out There quickly made it to the list of the best text-based space adventures on mobile, and its fans may rejoice because it now comes to PC and Mac in Out There Omega edition. Fantastic art work paired with a gripping story of a lone space traveler lost in time and space has captured the minds and imaginations of millions. Will you have the patience and perseverance to make it back to Earth? And who will you be when you finally make it? Or, will you go completely mad from loneliness and despair, or die of oxygen or fuel shortage? You travel the space, encounter abandoned spaceships and master alien tech, terraform and mine planets, jump from star to star in search for a way back home.

Galaxy on fire alliancesGalaxy on Fire™Alliances By Deep Silver Freemium
PocketMeta review

One of the most awaited releases this year, GoF Alliances is a smooth, polished, highly enjoyable space colonization strategy game featuring an impressive open-world universe waiting for you to conquer. It is best played when you join an actively playing alliance, but even if you don’t, there is plenty of things you can do here since you have several planets by default and more can be conquered with no hassle. Visuals are impressive and management system is streamlined and quite easy to sort out despite its complexity. Even though it is a deviation from the familiar GoF battlers, this strategy is one of the most spectacular releases of the year.

Anomaly Defenders 7Anomaly Defenders by 11 bit studios, $3.99
PocketMeta Review

One of the best tower defense releases of the year, Anomaly Defenders concludes the Anomaly series, the one mobile gamers have developed a long-lasting affection to. It is intense, gorgeous and desperate, as you confront humans in their last and decisive attack on you, the alien.<!––nextpage––>

Star Realms (1)Star Realms Freemium By White Wizard Games Freemium
PocketMeta Review

Star Realms is one of the most impressive card collecting and card battling games, with a thoroughly crafted story line to follow, smooth performance, and visually impressive cards depicting all sorts of star fleet as humans imagine it. A newbie might need to go through the rules and the tutorial, but once that is mastered, the game offers an incredibly enjoyable and addicting experience as you build and trade your strong deck of a specific faction and battle your way to galactic dominion. The battles, despite Star Realms being a CCG genre, are intense and stand out from the crowd of other fine, but not so impressive CCGs.

Clipboard-6Shadow Fight by Nekki, Freemium

More than two million downloads of Android version alone and over 40 million players on all platforms collectively, Shadow Fight is a successful Android port of a much-loved PC game by Nekki, with outstanding soundtrack and beautiful visuals. An intense classical fighting game with RPG elements, Shadow Fight will make you sweat and swear as you kick, jump, punch and slash your opponents. The game is a real delight with the tons of weapons and armor suits, magical powers and all that samurai attire.

Clipboard-10Football Manager Handheld 2015 By SEGA of America $9.99

One of the most expensive, but also polished games on the list, Football Manager offers a superior , stats-loaded mobile port of the popular football management franchise, barely missing a single tiny detail as it makes its transition to Android. Those who appreciate this depth of management games, with transfers, fame and media attention, rankings, matches and hiring aspiring stars will tell you – this game is a must-have.

Osmos HD featOsmos HD by Hemisphere Games, $2.99
PocketMeta Review

A dazzling spectacle, Osmos HD is still the most beautiful game on the list, although beauty “is in the eyes of beholder,” but a solid 4.7 on Google Play won’t be there for nothing for two years straight. A masterpiece of simplicity, Osmos is a quintessence of life – you play as a little shiny cell that suddenly becomes self-aware and starts consuming neighboring cells in order to grow. The cell propels itself by ejecting mass, thus becoming smaller, but then again, “no pain, no gain.” At some point it may seem like a chillout casual game, but once you get the knack of it and progress to further levels, you may find yourself immersed in this surreal and increasingly hard experience of survival.

Five Nights at FreddysFive Nights at Freddy’s by Scott Hawthorne, $2.99
PocketMeta Review

I’ve hard of clownophobia, or fear of clowns, but now I know there is automatonophobia, or fear of animatronic creatures, and pediophobia, fear of dolls. Five Nights at Freddy’s exploits those fears you never knew you had, and creates a few sweat-inducing scares that have the potential to imprint into your eye tissue and haunt you at night. It may not be the scariest game of 2014, but thanks to its simple rendition and tough challenge, as well as two games released shortly one after another, make it one of the best choices in the niche. Ok, it is scary, seriously.

RépubliqueRépublique by Camouflaj, LLC $2.99

République keeps setting the benchmark in mobile gaming, and its third episode released this fall, proving once again the game’s initial success was no short-time fortune fancy. A superb stealth action game, République revolves around Hope, a woman trapped in a secret governmental facility, where she is the object of sinister experiments. Five episodes, three of which are released already, follow her story as she escapes the facility and investigates the sinister surveillance and mind control experiments of the government, with the ultimate goal to bring it to the public. Visuals of incredible quality, excellent story and a very cool gameplay make it one of the best releases of the year.

AloneAlone by Laser Dog, $2.99

Despite its steep difficulty curve, or rather thanks to it, Alone’s wonderful soundtrack, fluid controls and intense gameplay taps into your ‘one more try’ reflex and has you playing until your eyes burn and your fingers get numb. Its minimalist geometrical design and a lovely story of endurance as you guide your little hero through a collapsing universe of rocks and comets. Alone is one of the best arcade releases of the year sporting great sci-fi design.

need-for-speed-most-wantedNeed for Speed™ Most Wanted by Electronic Arts, $4.99

Awesome visuals, surprisingly smooth performance for a game of this caliber, immersive gameplay, posh cars and crazy races – what else is there? How about cops, mob and dazzling locations to race? Or, maybe kicking some butt as you outrace your friends and other street racers? I bet you can’t resist SRT Viper GTS, Porsche 911 Carrera S and Hummer H1 Alpha, especially if you can afford to smash them to pieces!

the-walking-dead-game-season-2-walkthroughThe Walking Dead: Season Two (Telltale Games) Freemium

The Walking Dead is a phenomenon of the dawn of the 21st century. Did people get too much into the zombocalypse gaming to never realize mass media have already made them into living zombies? Who cares as long as The Walking Dead does not make you ponder on those boring issues because Clementine is on the run again, and her life is not getting any easier. She evolves into a real survivalist with a heart made of stone, but what can you ask of a 12-year old kid whose world collapsed into the rotting pieces of walking meat?

What are your personal favorites from the list and did we miss any titles that should be in there? We’re always excited to hear your thoughts!

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Top 50 Android Games of 2014