Top Card-Battling Games for your handhelds

In card-battling games, you fight your enemies using cards, or collect a deck with various abilities or heroes. We compiled an extended list of card-battling games for mobile devices based on user feedback, number of downloads and amount of how-to’s, cheats and guides. We at PocketMeta are great fans of card games and featured some extensive guides on our favorite ones – Star Wars: Assault Team and Hearthstone. However, once you get to a certain point in the game where you beat most of the challenges or simply get enough of it for now, and you start looking for a new adventure. Luckily, the genre is abundant in great representatives. Without further ado, here are the games we think you should try.

Star Wars: Assault Team

Star Wars Assault Team Tips feat

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Any card-battling list of games would be incomplete without this awesome game, especially for Star Wars devotees like myself. It combines the addictive nature of card battling genre with elements of hardcore RPG. Featuring gorgeous visuals and your favorite Star Wars characters, this game is a pure delight, provided you have good Internet connection. You start by having one card in your deck – Han Solo. As you fight your way through imperial aircraft, you free Chewbakka, find R2D2 and more powerful characters you will then need to train and upgrade. The system isn’t immediately transparent, and there is a limit to the abilities of each character, but you learn as you go. The game is addictive, especially if you chase particular characters. You can see our full review here, as well as some helpful tips for strategy and gameplay.

The gameplay consists of battling enemies, upgrading your characters, collecting reward packs and more characters. Smooth controls, beautiful visuals and intuitive gameplay make it one of the best card-battling games out there.

If you like Star Wars Assault Team, we have a list of other awesome games that you should consider adding to your install queue.

Star Wars Force Collection

Star Wars force colection

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If you want something similar to Star Wars: Assault Team, check out this mega-popular Star Wars Force Collection that covers episodes I through VI, so you have so many cards to collect and bring to war, you won’t be able to put it down. It is a must-have for both Star Wars fans and the devotees of the card-battlers.

We love that you can build ships besides battling enemies. Fancy an X-Wing of your own? You will love building and riding it while the new players can get one free draw from the premium deck once they complete the tutorial.
With over 300 characters to collect, Star Wars Force Collection not only requires powerful card in your deck, but a cunning strategy that combines character skills, attack patterns and ranges and force alignment to beat such powerful rivals as Sith Order. The game features engrossing quests, massive multiplayer events, boss battles and an extensive Star Wars universe with many planets to travel, explore, find allies, trade cards and fight epic battles.

Star Trek Rivals

star trek rivals

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This intense card battling RPG appeals to the hardcore fans of the Star Trek universe. The idea of opposing Star Wars and Star Trek seems disadvantageous to me, so I embrace all Star franchises and hand-pick the best of all space-themed products. Star Trek Rivals features authentic photos of Star Trek 2009 episode characters, where Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto star as James T.Kirk and Spock.

The mechanics are pretty easy to sort out, and with over 100 cards you can take into battle, this RPG has the potential to grasp your attention for long hours of fun.

Even if you are the fan of the older series, you have enough cards to satisfy your collecting rush, so buckle up and get ready to warp.

The game is free, intensely addictive and easy to learn, yet hard to master. You will enjoy the Star Trek universe starships, alien and human characters, multiplayer and single-player battles, plenty of card packs to unlock or buy with hard-earned Federation Credits. Of course, you must upgrade your characters and promote them to the elite status.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone feat

This free to play collectible card game takes place in the Warcraft universe where you take on the role of the Warcraft hero. You get to play a card game as you relax in one of the Warcraft’s numerous inns. You have a deck of 30 cards, and you try to defeat your opponent’s casting spells, or attacking the enemy directly, or with an army of minions, or a combining it all. The game supports online multiplayer mode and matchmaking mode.

It is both fast-paced  and addictive, and you won’t be able to put it down until you master it and become a pro. The game is intuitive, and the introductory missions teach you how to play in an entertaining manner. You can win or a craft over hundred of additional cards to build a strong deck and train your skills against the computer in practice matches. Read the full review here, and take advantage of PocketMeta Hearthstone tips and tricks here.

Rage of Bahamut

Rage of Bahamut

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Boasting over eight million gamers worldwide, Rage of Bahamut is a free to play collectible card game which is simple, intuitive and highly addictive. Beautiful and extravagant art makes it a visual delight, while the meticulously thought through trading process takes card battling games to a new level. You get to personalize your unique card deck with gorgeously hand-drawn fantasy-themed cards, create alliances with powerful players to fight your opponents in fast-paced real-time battles. Multiplayer mode is especially challenging and rewarding. The game also features a multitude of challenging quests, completing which will give you great power-ups and a variety of in-game goodies. New content is being added every week, so you won’t be bored. Every character is unique and designed with great talent while the gameplay is extremely addictive. You’re sure to fall in love with Rage of Bahamut if you are a fan of fantasy, adventure and card battling, so this battler is worth your time.

Valkyrie Crusade

Valkyre crusade

The fans of the Japanese anime know the value of great artwork, and if you are also a fan of beautifully drawn females – Valkyrie Crusade  will be a treat for you. You get to command a deck of cards with gorgeous battle girls characters, build your own kingdom and lead it to a prosperous future. The gameplay options are abundant, and there’s a lot of things one can do in this game. The game combines town building, strategy, card battling and, of course, gorgeous looking female warriors.

In fact, girl warriors are the main bait to lure you into the game, but once you start playing, there is so much to discover, you will get lost in this fantasy world. You will be able to develop an endearing bond with your charming warriors, and lead them to victory as you build a magnificent kingdom and make your dreams of paradise on earth come true.

You need stable Internet connection to play, so you can fight other players in several multiplayer modes, or advance in your own campaign mode. Most of the time, the game can be played for free, with the in-game goodies and currencies you earn as you advance.

An important note to jailbreak users – Valkyrie Crusade developers make it clear their game won’t run on modified devices, alas.

Guardian Cross

Guardian Cross

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Square Enix is renowned for crafting quality RPGs for home consoles and mobile devices. Guardian Cross is a card collecting battler that takes place in the Guardian world full of dungeons, hunting and trading.

The game is very popular, with over two million downloads worldwide. The storyline revolves around Guardians, which you have to catch and train. There are over 120 of them in the game, and you will want to collect a powerful deck. There is a hefty wealth of challenging quests, addictive multiplayer mode and a sinister secret to unravel. You can play without spending a cent all the way through the game.

The developer’s team has some people from the Final Fantasy series, by the way. The visually impressive vast-lands are abundant in life as you hunt your Guardians with an enchanted rifle. You only have a limited time to hunt down as many Guardians as you can and add them to your deck. You need to upgrade them, and you can enhance abilities of one Guardian at the expense of the other. The game also features weekly player vs. player events and other multiplayer tournaments, where you can climb the worldwide rankings while you can also play with your friends over WiFi.

Ayakashi: Ghost Guild

Ayakashi ghost guild

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A truly spectacular delight, Ayakashi Ghost Guild is a fantasy card battler and RPG with a funny plot, which tells you the story of a ghost battling guild and its agents. Take on the ghost battling missions, defeat ghosts and turn them into your allies by adding them to your deck. The world of ghosts and demons is full of dangers, but your deck grows exponentially stronger as you summon powerful beasts and vanquish demons.

Yours is a deck full of paranormal creatures, and you are the ghost guild agent, so brace yourself for a fierce RPG that has already been appreciated by more than 20 million players worldwide. It is free; boasts of a rich story with plenty of battling action; features amazing cards with awesome drawings of demons from different cultures and religions; atmospheric music complements the intense gameplay.

You get to battle demons and rival agents across three unearthly zones – Phantom, Anima and Divina, and you have to go through the full cycle of the demon scroll to defeat all monsters. You collect more powerful characters and expand your deck, but keep an eye open for rare demons, which are exceptionally strong.

Magic The Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013


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Magic: The Gathering — Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 is a mobile version of the hit franchise that takes you to the fantasy world of Shandalar as you battle sinister Planeswalkers. The game features 3 decks of cards, each with 5 cards you need to unlock by completing campaigns and defeating four opponents, including the nasty Planeswalker Garruk Wildspeaker.

You can battle against AI in encounters mode, or play with random decks in Magic Multiverse in planechase mode. All that is available for free, while premium package unlocks 7 more decks with 250 additional unlockable cards and 18-campaign levels in Alara, Ravnica and Innistrad, and more awesome content, such as two-headed giant mode, one-on-one multiplayer and custom game mode.

A deep strategic gameplay paired with impressive artwork and a hefty wealth of cards make it a real gem of a card-battling RPG, with plenty of challenges battling human and supernatural foes and mastering your strategies, so join the club and tell us what you think of it.

Marvel: War of Heroes

Marvel War of heroes

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If you are no stranger to forums where Captain America fans exchange skirmish of wits with the fans of Iron Man or the Hulk, if you can argue with a high level of argumentation why the black Spider-Man suit is better than the others, this card battling mobile RPG is the right game for you.

This game brings together the coolest of Marvel’s characters, including but not limited to Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, in a fun mobile adventure, where you have to collect the most powerful deck of heroes to defeat the mighty Hydra.

Once you collect a powerful deck, you can start battling other players in fierce multiplayer tournaments. You can upgrade your heroes and marvel at the original Marvel artwork.

Hydra, as you might have guessed, is not alone in her evil intentions, and Super Villains are there to confront the Super Heroes. You are the agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. assembling heroes to crack the villain iso-8 technology and defeat the evil forces.

The game is fast-paced and satisfying, with awesome artwork and thematic soundtrack, while new updates bring more cool cards to collect and events to unfold. You can also make allies with other players and join forces to defeat your foes. It’s free, but you can buy some in-game power-ups to boost your deck.

X-Men: Battle of the Atom

XMen battle of the atom

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Again Marvel, and again comics-based card battler with intense action. X-Men: Battle of the Atom is based on the Marvel comics story of mutants, and if you aren’t X-Men fan by now, this game has the potential to turn you into one.

The game features all our favorite mutants with a wealth of other characters, both mutant and non-mutant, which is bound to please the fans. The game features hundreds of X-Men characters from all the 50 years of the series’ history, so you have all the chances of assembling a powerful deck. The epic single-player mode features Storm, Wolverine, Iceman missions, with plenty of missions from future, past and present in real-time 20 vs. 20 multiplayer mode.

As usual, mutants are siding with either one of the two mutant leaders, making allies through time travel and world-changing technology. However, by altering present, mutants unleash a dark force that comes to life to defeat them.

The story is so large in scope it will take you months to unfold it, so there is plenty of missions and battles to win, including epic boss fights against Sentinels, Dark Phoenix, Apocalypse and Magneto himself.

G.I. Joe: Battleground


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For the fans of the American militarism and its epic G.I.Joe (even though the Cobra movie was an epic fail and bore), G.I.Joe: Battleground is the card-battling RPG that gives you a choice – join the ‘good’ guys in the G.I.Joe unit or the ‘bad’ guys in Cobra. One of the most outstanding features of this card battler is the artwork, so you can relive your favorite moments of the story franchise marveling at the awesome cards.

The game is light on strategy, and quite enjoyable for the right player, as you collect characters and train them to deploy powerful, deadly squads to battle devastating missions all over the world, and finally defeat your foes. There are some cool unlockable vehicle skills, such as the Cobra HISS tank or Conquest X-30 for the G.I.Joe squad, and with over a hundred of iconic characters you have things to do and battles to win, besides enjoying the genuinely great artwork.

Cast & Conquer

Cast and conquer

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This free to play card battling – strategy game features a heavy load of more than 1000 unique cards that will keep you amazed each time you get a new one. The cards are a work of art, while the game is fast, intense and addictive.

You can choose one of the four species, assemble a powerful deck and lead your party to victory in this game where unit placement can decide the outcome of the battle. The game features a single-player campaign, online player vs. player mode, city management and character upgrades. You can make allies, create stronger decks, collect bonus rewards, explore vast wasteland in massive campaigns and equip your characters with cool power ups.

Dungeons of Evilibrium (RPG)

Dungeons of evilibrium

Card-battling RPG Dungeons of Evilibrium combines elements of dungeon crawlers with strategy TCG, and the best elements of board games where exploration meets tactics and intense fights. Unsurprisingly, the fate of the entire world depends on you as you collect, upgrade and control demons of six elements and lead them to victory through over a hundred replayable missions. Arena fights will let you train and evolve your characters, explore creepy dungeons and simply enjoy great 3D parallax graphics. All Rare cards have unique abilities, while others can be leveled up with artefacts instead of fusion, so the game is pretty different from the rest.

Tales of Valhalla

Tales of valhalla

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This card battler appeals to fantasy aficionados, and it’s worth checking out for the virtue of artwork alone. The intensely engrossing adventure takes you to the fantasy world of Valhalla inhabited by mysterious immortal creatures who can summon supernatural powers. You have to explore vast dungeons, find great treasures and defeat the beast Ragnarok.

The game features 9 races and over 300 graphically gorgeous cards of heroes, monsters and lords for you to collect and battle the real-time fight on arena.

Epic Cards Battle

Epic Cards Battle

This trading card game is one of the best card-battlers released in 2014 featuring next-gen cards that look gorgeous, especially on larger devices. 3D visuals look especially impressive in battle scenes, while strategy will help you collect and deploy Unit, Trigger and Spell cards as you fight your way to the top of the leader board. Its real-time matchmaking battles will have you fighting players from all over the world while quest, campaigns and asynchronized battles let you compete with your friends while they are offline.

There are five factions you can join, and the gameplay is easy to grasp, so you can dive head over heels into action right from the start. Interface and artwork are simply gorgeous, and it’s free, so what are you waiting for?

Tyrant Unleashed

Tyrant Un;leashed

This free strategy card battler has some powerful features to have you hooked. Look at the graphics and tell me it’s not worth trying out. Fast-paced battles combined with great artwork, compelling story and fancy characters – emperors, raiders, bloodthirsty, righteous and mighty xeno. This multiplayer card battler requires strategy skills, but is easy to start playing, so you learn as you fight and collect characters, upgrade and train them and defeat enemy parties.

Heroes of Camelot

Heroes of Camelot

Hopefully, you know the legend of Camelot, King Arthur, Lancelot, Guinevere, Merlin, Queen Morgana and Black Knight. If not, our system of education is in a desperate decline. You can learn some of it by playing this beautiful card battler, however. This multiplayer RPG combines mysterious legend filled with brave knights of noble hearts, beastly dragons, magic and plenty of battles with evil forces and undead warriors of the Black Knight. King Artur, backed by Merlin himself, summons Britain’s bravest knights to rise against evil, fight for survival and reclaim the kingdom of Camelot.

Luckily, this game isn’t shunning the basic concept of battles where not strategy alone is the winner. Here, the more heroes you collect, the stronger your party becomes, the fewer chances your foes have to escape. Every team has unique abilities and combos, and you can form a guild and recruit more heroes, train and upgrade them across 80 stages that take place in 10 legendary cities. You can boast off your deck in Camelot Arena, competing with others, or else, join knights and druids in their eternal search for Holy Grail.