Top Mobile Horror Games to Play This Halloween

It’s that time of the year again, and to get in the mood I recommend the new movie starring Nicolas Cage “Pay the Ghost.” It’s a light and a little spooky horror movie that resembles all the other horror movies at once, with a previously balding Cage who suddenly got all hairy – the perfect giggle-boo combination for a holiday. If you are in for a mobile treat, however, check out these mobile horrors, some new, some updated for the scary season. And yes, this year, we have seen an unprecedented avalanche of zombies, so lots of games on the list deal with the walkers.

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land

The developer Next Games Oy has just released a Beta version of its TWD game under the AMC umbrella and it’s still restricted to some specific areas, but expect to spot it on your app store any time soon. TWD Nomans landDaryl Dixon instructs you and a group of survivors on the basics of staying alive in the land devastated by the walkers plague. In terms of the gameplay, No Man’s Land is a tactical RPG where you battle baddies on a per turn basis on a grid. You will scout the areas for loot and food supplies, upgrade your weapons and train your group members.

The game has you traveling to the TWD famous locations like Terminus and the Prison and play with other players in the weekly tournaments. Offering an extensive wiki, Next Games aspires to make this your favorite The Walking Dead mobile time killer.

Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities

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Forgotten Memories

As of now, iOS-exclusive, Forgotten Memories is harvesting a lot of praise from the players and reviewers alike. Stellar visuals, challenging and truly horrifying gameplay has you play as Rose Hawkins, a wounded woman looking for a missing child in a strange place. The premise sound Silent Hill-ish – a never ending tragedy frozen in time.

It plays as a third-person psychological survival horror that encompasses exploration, puzzles, action and fear-based mechanics, whatever that means. The amazing voice acting by the actors from the Silent Hill 2 complements the top-notch narrative, old school horror gameplay and stellar presentation.

The graphics require the high-end hardware, so perhaps that’s partly the reason the game has not been ported to Android, yet. Metal, shadows, dynamic lighting, HDLR and all that 3D fest looks really impressive. It’s grim, beautiful and sings to the souls of the hardcore horror fans of the 90s.


If anything, Unkilled looks good and has plenty of zombies and missions. The story line is pretty coherent and has you hooked on following it, along with your buddies. It sees you playing as a member of a special squad clearing out areas of New York from the undead and trying to untangle a complicated knot of a potential or ongoing invasion either from China or North Korea, or both. It’s basically Dead Trigger, so you will feel familiar with the FPS mechanics, and the controls are smooth.

The game is freemium, and even though slated towards the IAPs quite literally, you can still indulge in an intense zombie shooting slaughter. The spooks come in a great variety, too.

Pixel Z – Unturned day

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Pixel Z (12)

The last thing I expected in this pixel zombie shooter and survival game is the level of adrenaline it is capable of delivering. It is really hard, as in hard-hard. The zombies are numerous and in some places they seem to respawn, especially the loot-rich areas. They creep on you and attack you from behind and considering it’s a first-person shooter, you don’t always see them come.

The game has the day and night mode, and lets you collect the supplies and ammo, build things, drive thing and climb things. But most importantly, it sees you dying quite a lot. It may need some tweaking in terms of the difficulty, but it’s definitely worth your attention this Halloween season.

Dim Light

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    Dim Light (69)

One of my favorite zombie games, Dim Light is a special kind of stealth game that sees you controlling a person wandering around the dark corridors of a hospital, where people are no more living, but still walking. You get the idea. Your aim is to lead the lone survivor from one door to another in hopes that the zombies won’t spot him. Sometimes, they are dormant and you can creep past them silently, but on most occasions you just run to your life.

The game is a visual wonder – it’s amazing how much nuance one can create in a black and white world full of shadows and shimmering light from the only flashlight. With the decent replay value and a lot of levels, Dim Light is definitely one of my favorite horror games this season.

Dark Echo

dark echo (3)The previously mentioned Dim Light must have taken its inspiration from Dark Echo because the two games are very much alike, and yet they differ. Dark Echo does not show you the monsters. Moreover, it does not even give you a flashlight, and you walk in total darkness.

Your only means of understanding where you are and where you can go, as well as where the danger is – is the sound. You step and make a sound, and it resonates off the walls. You can sees the sound waves vibrate and define the passages in the nearest vicinity, which is a maze. You never know where the exit is unless you find it, and you never know how big a danger is unless you come close. It’s an intense and unique horror game, very stylish and top notch in its rendition. Can’t recommend it more.


Limbo is a long time classic in the horror genre, but since it got released on Android this year, it’s a legitimate suggestion all over again, now for the Android crowd. Being a premium title, Limbo offers a free demo so that the Android players can test and see how it runs on their devices. This is the only reason there can ever be a demo for Limbo – everything else about this game is top-notch.

You control a little boy stuck in a limbo, looking for his sister, and there are a lot of ways to die and a lot of scary creatures hunting the little fella. It’s gorgeous and even though it might not be the scariest game on the list, it is one of the most intense and immersive ones. Limbo is a must-have for any decent horror fan. Period.

Gunner Z

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  • Price: free-to-play

    Gunner Z

A spectacular zombie shooter, Gunner Z is nothing short of brilliant, especially for a freemium title. Yes, its IAPs are somewhat overpriced, but it’s worth a download because when you are not an addictive personality, Gunner Z is one of the best zombie shooters you can get for free.

There are plenty of trucks, drones, RPG turrets, tanks and other mecha units for you to battle not only the zombies, but the military who are using the zombies as their army. It’s all pretty sick, twisted and repugnant. The black and white with that special shimmer and reflection effects make it look really creepy. Try it.

Lost Within

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  • Price: $6.99

    lost within

Another iOS-exclusive on the list is a game that received a lot of positive publicity this year. Lost Within is everything you would want in a horror game. It offers plenty of jump scares, stellar visuals, immersive story and the atmosphere worthy of Silent Hill. You are trapped in a haunted asylum, and as if the mutant monsters aren’t enough, there is a legendary killer wandering somewhere nearby.

You get to scavenge the wards for loot, keep tabs open on your resources and fight or sneak past the monsters to stay alive, run and hide. There is a compelling mystery to unravel and Lost Within does an excellent job of keeping the story suspenseful and relevant throughout the game of a horror adventure.

A scary-scary atmospheric game for the fans of the genre and the games like Five Nights at Freddy’s or Outlast. Opening doors seems a bit awkward, but any game has the learning curve when it comes to the complex control system.

Five Nights At Freddy’s 4

Chica, Bonnie, Foxy and Freddy – these names have become legendary by now, and we are anxious to live to see FNAF the movie. The fourth installment is the last one for the mobile platforms, and the fans of the series weep in agony.

The final release may not have the mini games many of you have gotten to like so much, and there might be a bit of a mismatch in the footsteps sound, but Five Nights At Freddy’s 4 lives up to its predecessors.

Now, there are more creepy things besides the animatronics, and this time you play as a child. Childish nightmares galore! Do you remember what you were afraid of when you were a child, by the way?

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

Now that TWD season 5 is airing bit by bit, Michonne and her legendary katana look as appealing as the original TWD graphic novel. Road to Survival is an RPG, where you get to defy the walkers and the tyranny of the madman governor of Woodbury.

The PvP and PvE missions, the factions system and the zombocalypse, as well as the character crafting and base building will keep the hardcore fans of the franchise well occupied fighting the walkers and the survivors alike, upgrading their teams, banding with others and doing more gritty fighting. The leveling up seems pretty well balanced, but the rare characters will have you grinding for weeks. Alas, the perks of the freemium.

Till Morning’s Light

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    Till morning light

iOS-only and on the expensive side, Till Morning’s Light won’t disappoint you, so don’t dread. No, do dread because the game is an excellent suspense. A huge world of the haunted mansion, where a teenage girl is trapped with the monsters and ghosts, and the worst part she is trapped in her sleep. Have you ever had a nightmare when you realize you are asleep and just can’t wake up?

Erica Page must be really scared, but you will enjoy this adventure because the scope of it encompasses not only a great story, excellent voice acting, mind-wrecking puzzles (thankfully with clues) and creepy encounters with the supernatural spooks, but also the excellent art work and stellar user reviews. It’s a game to remember.

Mortal Kombat X

There might have been some updates that might have broken a few things in Mortal Combat X, but hopefully that is solved already because when it works, it is one of the favorite games for the thousands. It is really violent and bloody, and if hardcore fighting is your thing, something as devastating as Mortal Combat X must be on your device.

You get to assemble a team, and yes, there are IAPs involved, but when you get the knack of the PvP and appreciate the staggering X-ray and other spectacular visuals for the fatalities, you can forgive the developers for wanting to make money. It’s classic, intense and even though not the scariest thing on the app stores, but still a gory spectacle to behold.

SlenderMan Origins 3

SlenderMan Origins 3 is one of the most anticipated horror games on mobile this year, and it stands up to its promise – to be a worthwhile follow-up of its predecessors Slender Man Origins 1 and 2. It is truly scary, mind-boggling, challenging, intense and top notch in terms of the story, voice acting and the graphics.

Whenever there are children involved, a story tends to be troubling, so Slenderman Origins 3 is dubbed accordingly – Abandoned School. Alas, the children have long turned into the haunted ghosts, trapped by… you know whom. Play this at night, with your lights off and preferably with a cat wandering somewhere around the house, so that when it finally jumps on your bed you can wet your sheets.

corridor zCorridor Z

Three characters are locked in a high school devastated by the zombie epidemics. A pom-pom girl, a navy soldier and some dude. Your task is to control them one by one as they run through the corridors of the school, use all sorts of stuff that is lying around to throw at the creeps, and barricade themselves behind the closed doors. Of course, as if it was not a school, there would be plenty of guns and grenades laying around the area.

The catch is you probably haven’t played a third person runner and shooter from this perspective – you literally watch the character run at you, so you can’t see what is ahead and in front.

The game tells you where to make turns, but it’s still tense as hell when you can see what’s behind the person’s back, but can’t see what’s in front. It looks gorgeous and it’s moderately scary, although the story does not seem to be too novel.

That’s it for today, let us know what your favorite Halloween games are this season. In case you haven’t had enough of adrenaline yet, check out PocketMeta’s last year Halloween roundup and this list of top mobile horror games.