Torch Browser: Powerful Chromium browser

Torch Browser is a web browser focused on media files and social sharing that aims to provide a whole different experience than other popular browsers. As a Chromium project, the browser is completely free.

Installation & Requirements

As is the norm with browser installations, Torch will be set as the default browser as well as the default torrent client unless you uncheck the options manually which should not be hard to do. The supported operating systems are Windows XP SP2-Windows 8.1 with the exception of Vista. It also supports Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) and later.


As you might have guessed already, Torch looks a lot like Chrome. The base is pretty much the same, with added modifications scattered all around the place. Of course, just because the two browsers look the same does not mean they do not have their differences. Whereas Chrome is offered as a barebones, lightning fast browser, Torch has a lot of features built-in by default and this is precisely what makes it different from all the others out there.

Since all of the additional features are built into the program’s engine, they work brilliant all the time. While you can probably equip your own browser with extensions, none of them will probably integrate themselves as seamlessly as found in Torch. There are some things to note here. The browser gives you the ability to grab pretty any media file right off the website you are browsing. Stream a video, click on the Media button and you can download it for offline use. The morals of these features are ambiguous but you can, of course, use them however they suit you.

Now that all that has been said and done, I have to say that these features are incredible. Watching a video and then grabbing it right out of the website with no additional apps and no required knowledge is simply fantastic. Download a torrent file and then managing it without ever leaving the browser is also extremely intuitive, although I maintain some concerns about security.

The same stands for all the offered features. Everything just works right out of the box and provides a smooth surfing experience, provided you use them correctly. For example, the Hola add-on is a great addition to the browser as it is a free and fairly fast VPN service with loads of servers to choose from, allowing you to visit any website from any country. I would expect Torch to be faster but I understand that it cannot compete with Chrome in terms of speed. Instead, customization and media integration is key here.


-Loads of integrated features
-Unique utilities found nowhere else
-Pleasant interface
-Free VPN service


-Not as fast as it could be
-Vulnerable to threats


Torch is definitely a browser that everyone should use at least once, if only for the extra integrated features that you would not be able to find elsewhere. Although it is probably not as fast as other browsers, the extra features will more than make up for that.