Total Recorder Professional: Audio recording suite

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Total Recorder Professional is more than a simple recording application as it will give you a lot of options for both recording and editing your tracks all in a single platform. A demo version of the program is offered with some limitations.

Installation & Requirements

During the installation you will have multiple choices, including some advanced options that the average user should not bother with. When the setup is finished you might be asked to restart your computer. The most recent version of the program requires Windows XP SP2 or later. You can, however, download a previous version for earlier Windows systems.


The first time you run the application you should see the Recording Wizard popping up. It is a very quick way to set up most of the application’s features. The wizard is divided into several categories and you can skip each step that you do not want to configure at the time. You can always change the options at the Settings menu later and it is actually encouraged by the application as not all options will be available through the wizard. Furthermore, you might change your mind on some of the settings but you can also run the wizard again at any point through the Tools menu.

When you are ready with your settings you can start recording from the program. Keep in mind that the application offers a lot of different recording options and you will have to set them manually each time you want to change them. For example, if you want to record sound from your microphone and then you want to record sound only from another program, you will have to set it yourself. After the recording is done you can immediately play it back inside the application or save it in a format that you have chosen through the settings menu. There are a lot of different ways to save the files as well and you can even customize the formats yourself.

Finally, the application offers some basic editing options. Some of them can be found in the Edit menu while the rest are found in the Process and Tools menus. Each utility has its own separate window that is extremely easy to use and really helps with the files. For example, if you had a long pause that you want to cut out from the recording you can automatically do it through the “Pause reduction” utility found in the Process menu. You can also add some basic tags to your files after you record them and before you save and export them into a folder.


-Fast installation
-Very helpful setup wizard
-Tons of different recording options
-A lot of editing tools and utilities


-None that would be worth mentioning


Total Recorder Professional is arguably one of the best audio recording and editing applications out there. The sheer functionality of the program combined with the various tools that it offers make it a no-brainer for anyone who is serious about their recordings.