Total Uninstall: Gets rid of applications for good

There’s no easier way of making sure that you perform a clean uninstall of applications than by using an uninstaller utility. Total Uninstall is a powerful software removal tool that lets you easily remove programs you don’t need any longer, without leaving any traces behind and supports batch uninstall among other useful features.

Installation & Requirements

Total Uninstall’s standard setup is over in just a few seconds. The free trial can be tested for 30 days and has no disabled features.

Total Uninstall is a Windows application, supporting Windows Server 2003, Server 2008, XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


Since application removal should be something that any user can do, Total Uninstall has a tidy layout with a simple, functional design. Basically, the application consists of three modules:

The Installed Programs module, automatically detects and lists all installed applications. Clicking on any application, Total Uninstall will analyze and display the changes that the program made to the system. Sorting options are also offered: you can even organize your applications into groups and sub-groiups, which can ease up access a lot, especially if you have lots of programs installed.

The uninstall operation can be applied to a selected application, multiple selected application or a group containing applications. Even though Total Uninstall automatically detects the correct situation, you ge to choose between three uninstall profiles, after pressing the Uninstall button: uninstall analyzed program, uninstall analyzed programs – bundle (for multiple selections) and use only the program’s uninstaller. The program will create a system restore point before making any changes and after the removal is complete, Total Uninstaller will list all deleted items.

The Monitored Programs module works in a different manner. You can install application via Total Uninstall’s interface or using the Explorer context menu entry “monitor with Total Uninstall”. The program will open a dialog window to create system snapshots before & after the application’s setup. It will also create an installation log and the installed app will be automatically added to the Monitored Programs module. In this way, when you want to remove it, Total Uninstall will remove any traces left behind the default uninstaller since it took those system snapshots and compared them to see exactly what changes were brought to the system by the installed app.

The third module is the Cleaner, a basic tool that scans system files and registry for broken and useless entries and offers to remove them. Even though no information about the Cleaner is listed in Total Uninstall’s documentation, it’s really not hard to use it: press Scan, look at the detected items and deselect the ones you don’t want removed (if such is the case) and press Clean.


– Straightforward, fast setup.
– Reliable detection and removal of changes made by already installed software.
– The monitoring function performs system snapshots before and after software installation to offer the most accurate detection of modified and newly added system and registry items.
– Includes a Cleaner module for detection and removal of broken and useless system and registry entries.
– The installed software list can be organized into groups and sub-groups.
– Advanced search function for looking up traces left behind uninstalled apps.
– Supports batch uninstall operations.


– The Cleaner module is not included in the program’s documentation.


Total Uninstall offers pretty much everything one would need to remove all traces of an application from the system and its option of removing multiple programs at the same time is priceless when you’re trying to reduce that huge collection of installed apps to a more decent size.