Trading RPG ‘Merchants of Kaidan’ barters its way to Google Play


Merchants of Kaidan Gameplay

Merchants of Kaidan IconMerchants of Kaidan [Android]

Price: $5.99
Developer: Forever Entertainment
Genre: Strategy

It is not very often that we see good tabletop-inspired RPGs on the Play Store so I tend to really appreciate those moments. Today is definitely one such occasion as trading RPG Merchants of Kaidan has finally arrived on Android a few months after its original release on Steam.

As the name and my horrible puns suggest, Merchants of Kaidan’s focus is on trading. There is a lot of buying and selling in the game and not a lot of combat although there is enough of that as well. Players need to get rich while avoiding risks like bandits and failing markets. You will always have to be wary of the prices so that you can buy low and sell high like a true merchant. There are three different transportation modes (land, sea and air) and four different seasons, all of which have an effect on what you can accomplish with your trading empire.

Merchants of Kaidan Map

There are 4 main story lines with over 100 quests, a set of random events, random blessing and curses that will affect your skills, various artifacts that you can collect and advisors that you can hire to help you in your journey. Most of the art style really reminds me of adventure games in the 90s and early 00s with static backgrounds that look like landscape paintings but there are several areas of the game where the art style becomes more modern too.

If you are looking to scratch that RPG itch, get the game on Google Play now and remember that it has no in-app purchases whatsoever.