How To: Transfer your Clash Royale account from Android to iOS or viceversa

transfer your Clash Royale account

If you own both Android and iOS mobile devices or you’re switching between the two operating systems, there’s no reason to lose all your Clash Royale game progress. You can easily transfer your Clash Royale account from Android to iOS, or the other way around.

To be more specific, the game has a built-in option that lets you link your Clash Royale account to another phone or tablet which means your progress it transferred from the old device to the new one and you can play it on both of them.

The process is very easy, and I’ll show you how to do it below:

Transfer your Clash Royale account from Android to iOS and viceversa

For the purpose of this guide I used an iOS device, but I will offer instructions for Android as well, plus the account transfer process is very similar on both platforms.

Launch Clash Royale on the device you want to transfer your account from and ensure you are logged in with your account’s Google (Android) or Game Center ID (iOS).

Also, do not perform the transfer over any kind of unreliable Internet connection such as a public WiFi for example. If the connection drops during the transfer you may lose your game progress.

Transfer your Clash Royale account

Tap on the Settings icon.

Clash Royale - Link a device

In the Settings menu, select ‘Link Device‘ and then tap on the ‘This is the OLD DEVICE‘ option.

Now, depending on which platform your device is running you will have two options:

  • Link to iPhone (if it’s an iOS device) or Link To Android (if the device is running Android)
  • I want to link to another device

If you want to link from iOS to Android, or from Android to iOS you’ll need to choose the second option.

The game will generate a 12-character code that remains valid for 2 minutes.

To continue, open Clash Royale on the new device, on which you want to link the game to and transfer all your progress.

Open the game’s Settings, select ‘Link Device’ and then ‘This is the new device‘.

Now you’ll need to enter the 12-character code you received on the old device.

Then, you’ll be able to access your Clash Royale account, along with all your progress on the new device.

You can only link your Clash Royale account once, so if you do it between the two platforms using your Google ID and Apple ID you’ll be able to play the game on any iOS and Android device. As a result, the game actually lets you do more than just transfer your Clash Royale account – once you link your account from one platform to the other, you can play on any supported device and your progress will always be synced.

Also, no need to worry if the generated code expires before you can enter it, since you can always generate a new one. If the game doesn’t generate the code and requires you use the correct Google or Apple ID, make sure you’re signed in with the correct one before trying again.

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