Transformers: Earth Wars Tips for Success

Transformers: Earth Wars is a love letter to the fans, and even though the resemblance with the tired formula of Clash of Clans saddens some, the majority are just loving the genuine transformers delight of the game. Hence, any Clash of Clans fan knows a good deal about base building strategies, and troops deployment tricks.

Despite being a clone of Clash of Clans, Transformers: Earth Wars (read our review) offers a more straightforward and rather simple gameplay, which means it should be easier to make progress. There are quite a lot of characters to collect, and knowing how to harness the wealth of their special abilities, you will be able to win your battles. Below are some tips and tricks for your Transformers: Earth Wars battling and base building.

Transformers: Earth Wars Base Building and Defenses

  • View your base from an attacker’s perspective. You can see the landing zone on the front line, and you can see that it does not make a full circle around your base. Just as it doesn’t with your enemy bases. Begin by building walls to shield your base from that landing zone first. Cover that area.
  • As far as building is concerned, as you progress and level up your HQ, you not only unlock the buildings of new types, but also gain the ability to build more buildings of the same type. Increase the number of your harvesters. Build as many as you’re allowed as soon as possible to increase production of energon.
  • A tip for beginners, start saving those cyber coins to build a 3rd build bot, you will need it soon. Try avoiding spending coins recklessly, and keep them coming until you can buy the build bot – it’s your key to the faster base building and upgrade.
  • Let the trees and the rocks be, unless their destruction is critical.
  • Once you unlock the mortar, place it inside the outer walls – it’s one defensive option. Another option is to place it near the headquarters.
  • Build your defense structures trying not to clump them too close. If you build them too close, they are vulnerable to the attacks launched by robots with abilities that cover specific areas. For example, orbital strike or rocket barrage. So, try to stretch out your defense lines. Yet, don’t stretch them too far apart – place them so that they’re in one another’s range, otherwise they’re too easy to destroy. Look for a golden middle.
  • Prioritize protecting your HQ, then storage and harvesters. Place them further away from the deploy zone. When destroyed, these bring your enemy a lot of loot and skill recharge points, so place them furthest from the landing line and the walls, and further into the safe background.
  • Finally, if you should encounter an enemy base particularly hard to destroy, draw inspiration from its layout. See how the structures are placed and what makes it so hard to beat, and replicate some of the most successful parts of the design in your base. Just don’t copy it completely, try to set up traps of your own. Take a screenshot, or simply take your time studying it before you deploy an attack. You have plenty of time because unless you begin deploying your bots the timer is not ticking.
  • Take advantage of the 5-minute courtesy the developer grants for building structures. Every structure you’re building can be rushed for free if there are less than 5 minutes left.

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Transformers: Earth Wars Attacks

  • The first thing you should keep in mind when attacking is you have plenty of time to examine your opponent’s base before you deploy your first bot. The timer does not start, so take your time to look for the weak spots in their defenses. You can tap the turrets and mortars and view their range.
  • Even though lucrative, attacking HQ straight away may not be the best idea because that’s where the turrets are normally densely placed. Instead, try attacking areas that have less defensive structures.
  • Each destroyed structure grants you energy for your robot’s special abilities recharge, especially the research lab, space bridge, and storage. So, when you attack areas with fewer defenses, you can collect those points for destroying poorly protected buildings and then deploy special abilities of your robots on powerful turrets and mortar.
  • Another tactic that works in many situations is to attack the mortar first with all the robots that can reach it. Mortar is the most destructive thing, and it’s a long-range weapon. Yet, it won’t hurt the robots that are head-on with it. If you’ve sided with Autobots, try using Optimus Prime and his special ability “Inspiring Charge” to demolish a wall, if any, and start destroying the mortar.
  • When attacking, deploy your leader first, and then the fighters. Don’t deploy all your bots at once. The low-health fliers and strikers can be the last to deploy. Warriors can soak up the initial damage and destroy some walls, and afterward the gunners and air support can unleash their special abilities. Just time their deployment and their special skills well for maximum damage.
  • When attacking, don’t deploy all your robots in the same location, unless that location is the weak spot in your enemy’s defenses.
  • When you choose you bots before the attack, take different classes – at least one warrior, gunner and air. A healer and a special class bot would complete the team, but that does not mean the more classes are in your team the better. Sometimes, two air units can be more effective.
  • Also, take into account how your bots can complement each other in battle. For example, Kickback’s rockets combined with Mixmaster’s strike can deal a mega-devastating effect.

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Transformers: Earth Wars Classes

There are five bot classes – warriors, gunners, air support, healers and special class. You know what healers do and when to use them. As for the rest, let’s see briefly what they are.

  • Special class bots, also leaders, have secret abilities and more health than other characters. Due to their good stock of health, you can deploy them first, even before warriors.
  • Warriors are excellent front line commandos that soak up a lot of damage because they have good health. You can deploy them in the beginning against mortars.
  • Air support units have a medium range attack, and are better when used after the warrior has been deployed. Air Strike shoots powerful missiles – complement a warrior’s attack with these against a mortar.
  • Gunners can attack weapons at long range, especially the ones behind the walls. Since Gunners have less health than warriors and fly units, it might make sense to deploy them last. They make for excellent support to warriors. Due to their low health, deploy their special abilities once they’re available against densely placed defense structures.

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Transformers: Earth Wars General Tips

  • When you get new bots and want to level them up, take them with a strong team into high-difficulty battles. You might lose, but your low-level bots will get a pretty good XP boost anyway. That’s a faster way to level them up.
  • Leveling up a bot can be tricky. You need a spark to raise its XP cap. You get a free crystal every 8 or 12 hours, it can have a spark, or not. Fighting the alliance wars can get you a spark if your alliance wins. Once you have a spark, go to research lab to upgrade a character whose XP has been maxed out.
  • Upgrade your shuttle when the next upgrade becomes available – it will let you take more bots into the battle.
  • Join an alliance, take part in alliance wars – this will grant you a good deal of energon, alloy and spark every once in a while.
  • The campaign missions difficulty ramps up quickly, so when you face a XP wall and start losing them, switch to attacking other players. Keep at it while your bots earn XP and level up faster.

That should do for the beginners. Feel free to add your pro tips in the comments below! Don’t forget to follow PocketMeta for more gaming tips and tricks, apps and games roundups and usage guides, and everything Android and iOS related.