TRON’s CEO hints at future partnership with ’10s of Billions’ worth ‘industry giant’


CEO of decentralized internet startup TRON has suggested the company will establish a partnership with an unknown large business valued at “tens of billions of dollars” in the near future.

The tweet was posted today, Oct. 12, and is very brief but clear:

Obviously, comments have been pouring ever since, as people are trying to guess which company TRON is going to partner with. Among the reader’s guesses was Alibaba, which is definitely not suitable since its worth hundreds of billion dollars, not tens.

There have been other interesting suggestions such as Baidu, Clover, Bitconnect, and even Disney. So far, there is no official announcement confirming any of these names.

As for Justin Sun, it seems like the CEO likes to throw an explosive tweet every now and then. Monday, Oct. 8, he declared the TRON token’s upcoming update would make it faster than Ethereum (ETH) and cheaper than EOS, ‘predicting’ an 8% increase in the token’s value.

Back in July TRON acquired the popular torrent client BitTorrent and at the end of September, they announced in detail their plans to integrate with the torrent client.

Recent reports point towards a product known as “Project Atlas” that aims to integrate TRON within Bittorrent’s user base to create a crypto-powered hybrid content sharing ecosystem.

At the time of this writing, is the 11th largest cryptocurrency by market cap trading at approximately $0.0231 per token.