Try these iOS apps for listening YouTube in the background

You might think that given so many people use the YouTube app for iOS it should have support for background playback by now. But it doesn’t. Like it or not, the app automatically pauses both video and audio playback when it’s not running in full screen. Nevertheless, there are some nice iOS apps for listening YouTube in the background that can solve the problem.

While there are several apps which allow you to play YouTube content in the background, the ones I can definitely recommend are Music Tube and Music Player for YouTube.

None of them provide the complete set of features of the YouTube app, but if you need a way to listen to your favorite songs in the background, you can certainly rely on them.

Music Tube

iOS apps for listening YouTube in the background

Music Tube is a straightforward YouTube player with support for multiple playlists and essential options like repeat, shuffle and also exploring functions so you can easily find new music.

Download Music Tube from iTunes

Music Player for YouTube

Music Player for YouTube comes with support for full HD videos and even while you’re listening to music in the background you have track information and controls available.

It also provides 3D Touch support for navigation and it works with AirPlay. Needless to say, the app also comes with standard playlist creation, YouTube exploration, and built-in search.

Download Music Player for YouTube on iTunes

These two iOS apps for listening YouTube music in the background work flawlessly. When you’re watching videos, you might still choose the official YouTube app to do so, but when it comes to background playback any of them are a reliable solution.

The alternative would be to use the web version of YouTube in your Safari browser, but I do think these apps are more convenient to use instead. How do you listen to YouTube music in the background on your iPhone?

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