Tunngle: A multiplayer network platform for everyone

If you have ever played a PC game, you will have encountered various problems in setting up a multiplayer match with your friends. Tunngle not only solves such issues but also provides an open platform where you can play your favorite games with other people at any time.

Installation & Requirements

For Tunngle’s installation, you will need an internet connection. You then get the simple and custom installations. Make sure you check off the Tunngle Desktop Gadget if you don’t want it and to give your permission for the program to install a network driver. You will also need to restart your computer to finish the installation. The supported operating systems are Windows XP and higher with the only requirement for the application being an active internet connection.


The first thing you will need to do is register with their service, a painless process that lets you use Tunngle at its fullest. Even though the interface might feel a little clunky or loaded with a lot of information, it is actually very easy to comprehend.

One of the most amazing features of the program is the Don’t Panic button. Whenever you find yourself in trouble or you simply don’t understand how to operate the application you should press the button. It’s a very comprehensive, step by step guide to everything related to Tunngle. In contrast to other support pages, the Don’t Panic button actually gives you information on the page you are currently in. Of course you can browse the help contents to find whatever you are looking for but it is incredibly convenient if you simply find yourself unable to move forward and you just need that little extra help.

Playing a game with Tunngle is incredibly easy. Simply type the name of the game you want to play on the left Network Search bar, choose one of the many servers and join in. You can chat with the online players and then you only have to find the game launcher in your computer to play the game with them. You can also add people as your friends or blacklist them so that they will not bother you anymore. There are also various chat and community lobbies that you can join like specific language groups. You can also easily create your own private network that you can invite your friends to if you don’t want to play with strangers. Simply click on the community tab and then on private networks. It is incredibly easy to setup and simply requires you to enter a network name, a password and the network range. And if at any point you get stuck, the Don’t Panic button is always within reach. You can also browse other private networks on the forums where people advertise them if they don’t have anyone else to play with.


-Huge list of games that is constantly growing for public lobbies and multiplayer matches
-Innovative Don’t Panic button is incredibly helpful even for experienced users as everyone gets stuck once in a while but doesn’t want to waste hours searching for a solution
-The ability to create private networks to play with your friends is amazing and very easy to setup meaning you can all play together in no time


-Less known games are less likely to be listed in the public networks


If you are ever having trouble with your LAN or internet multiplayer matches or you simply want a platform where you and your friends can all play together with no hassle, then Tunngle is probably what you have been looking for.